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Today was hectic.

Went around to take pics just for some moral marks. Anyway it was fun. haha…

Today was filled with lots of “first times”.

I went to Remy’s house for the first time. Just in time for his dog’s bath. Anyway his mum is really friendly.

Then i went with Jenny to a computer centre for the first time. KCC. Gosh, i am sooo lucky to have internet at home, cuz the computers there were old fashioned, like all boxy. And like everybody could see what you’re doing. And poor Jenny, susah payah cari pictures for her folio , in the end the file she saved it in kena virus. =(

And then for the first time ever i rode on a motorbike. It was fun =) although the trip to bdr baru to take pictuers could be considered a failure. Thanks for the ride cLone!

So all in all, there’s so many things i haven’t yet tried or ecxperience. But then again, i’ve also experienced lots of things where others never had the chance to.

-Cya Toots!-


Woked up to a freeeeezing, dewy morning. No joking. The sky was like totally white and the  mountains were enveloped in clouds of mist. The cold, strong wind brushing my face made me feel like i was in Korea or something.

Everything felt  so much more serene and beautiful walking to school today. Not that the cold weather was bothering me. I reeaaally could get use this this climate, no problem =)

 Has anybody wondered lately about the raining patterns nowadays? Its been like raining everyday although its not the raining season yet. Shift of the axis you reckon?

Continuing my story, i arrived at school and sat for all 4 papers. Don’t ask me how i did. School was ok.

Back home, i chanced upon the camera on the table fully charged and everything so i couldn’t resist taking a few shots.

Boredom killers and all time favourites:





 And of course not forgetting me!


-Cya Toots!-

Phew, after sooo many hours learning WordPress blogging, i finally managed to figure it out at last. And it’d better be worth my dark circles.

And Joofei, you better tabik me wei. haha.


I’ve always wanted to find another blog hosting thingy cuz Blogger was boring me out and cuz i never got the hang of switching blogskins there. So then i went blog-host hunting and i found WordPress blogging. Then i thought i very smart, dapat cari this WordPress with all the widgets and everything so i was bragging to my mum, but then my mum was like “Now only you know ah?”

sigh…why am i so ketinggalan zaman and when will i ever learn to keep my mouth shut?

This blog had better hold out and pray that i don’t have to put in on “private”……again.


Anyway tomorrow back to school with chem, physics, est and moral exams. And i haven’t exactly been studying for the last 3 days so don’t say that i’m sure to score in those papers.

 I’ve got alot more ranting to do but i’ll leave them for another day cuz i’ve been on the computer for the past 5 hours and i’m tired and i’ve got writer’s block.

So hereby ends my first post for this blog =)

-Cya toots!-

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