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I entered Larian Obor today. So it was okay. Starting point was at Pei yuan. The school is huge. It had a big stadium-like-assembly-ground. I didn’t even know such a structure existed in Kampar. Anyway the school’s big compared to acs. But perimbun i think same size. Maybe bigger.

So I met old friends there. And they don’t recognise me. Have i really grown unrecognisable in the last 5 years? Seriously, even when i first came to acs everybody said i changed. *shrugs*

Anyway after the run, went back home. And i was feeling super duper tired today. The weather today friggin hot and humid and dry and burning and…boiling! I had to pack my clothes for tomorrow. Cuz going for chess tournament. Yay so excited!

But because of the weather, i was too limp to do anything. So i took a nap. Now, you should know that when Miyen takes a nap, it usually means a 5 hour nap. But suprisingly, i woke up i think after a 1 hour nap. Cuz the room was so so so so HOT! Like in a furnace kind of feeling. Seriously.

And i don’t wanna be taking showers every one hour. i’m feeling all grimy and sweaty…again.

Nows the perfect time for me to stress a point. STOP GLOBAL WARMING! The earth is going to die from burns sooner or later. And when that happens, we die. duh. And don’t tell me there’s still Mars. I don’t want to be living on a….no oxygen planet.

So where was i? oh no…i forgot what i wanted to write.

Oh ya, in this post i wanted to talk bad about people because…i also forgot why i wanted to talk bad.

Nuff’ said


I think my eyesight is deterioting. Correct spelling right? And i’ve got to eat more carrots. And i can’t put ads on my blog because i need to upgrade the don’t know what and it needs money and i’m penniless.

And i want MAC make up!

What to write ah…

oh ya.

Protein is converted to chains of polypeptides by the enzyme pepsin in the stomach. Then afterwards in the duodenum, converted pulak to peptides by trypsin. Then in the ileum i think, peptides to amino acids by erepsin.

And candi ialah monumen keagamaan bagi agama Hindu dan Buddha dan berperanan sebagai rumah ibadat, tempat menyimpan abu jenazah raja dan keluarganya serta tempat menyimpan patung dewa utama.

Don’t you hate me now?


One more thing, yesterday i was called to make a sudden speech during assembly. And no, not because i was punished but because i won the public speaking competition. So that ruined everything. I didn’t want to give the prepared speech like the one i gave in the PS competition cuz it was not good. I gained the marks in another speech. So why the teacher ask me to go up and present my horrible speech la? why la… So stupid la…

Anyways, school was alright today. And exams are next week and yay i’ll be skipping the first day of exams to go for msspk. So excited. Yay yay.

I know this post is totally random. Because i tak tau nak tulis apa.

Nuff’ said



You know sometimes after waking up to a dream you get a whole new pile of different mixed emotions for someone because of what they did in the dream. Well i’ve had a bunch of them. But last night was da bomb! haha…

First scene:

I and some friends and my family were in a huge shopping mall. Reminded me of IKEA but ala Giant. So then dunno wat happen, Voldemort was chasing my second brother. Then i was running around and then i found my brother with someone else looking at some things on a shelf. So i told him about Voldie and we played hide and seek with Voldie. Damn scary wei. We finally managed to escape and something something happened we ran into a show unit on display at IKEA and then went to hide in a bathroom. The bathroom very nice and biiigg and ada quality wei. Like a bathroom in a 7 star deluxe suite. Then i forgot what happened. I know la but i don’t know how to write it down.

Second scene:

Ok, this is a weeiiirrrddd one. I was at the balcony sitting down hugging my knees when suddenly my first crush came skipping to me all smiling and everything. I’ll name him XX. Then XX told me he liked me and gave me this ring that had my intials and his on it. 0.O I don’t know why but i felt a bit disgusted. I was suppose to feel jubilant you know. Anyway, something bout his face made me feel like slapping him.

Then at night and he took me on his bike and we met his fat mom. Then we went to this place which had a chinese red lantern type of glow, full of girls standing like in the Deal or No Deal show. But this time got org putih girls also. So we stood there too. And i was feeling very very inferior. All the girls were, if i’m not mistaken, speaking in chinese and they were all super crazy for XX. Then one blonde girl told him in chinese that why XX chose me as his gf. I knew that she was putting me down. Then the stupidest answer came out of his stupid mouth. XX said ” Because of touch. I pulled her bra string.” WTF is that supposed to mean??!! And before he could continue i stamped my foot and ran out.

Then my mom woke me up. And from this morning onwards, i feel revolted thinking about him and have lost all interest in him. haha

Yesterday was like a total total surprise. Ok it all went like this:

My public speaking competition was yesterday and i was completely NOT prepared. Ok, maybe i was…a little la. But then i was gonna do it in point form. Like i had to elaborate the points on stage. And at that time i surrendered everything to god and wether i slip, stammer, fall or faint on stage i just didn’t care. Or did i?

So it was held at St Bernadette’s, a pretty nice school…. next to a cemetery. Very good “fengshui”.

So, I signed up and got my number. Btw, when i was signing up i took a look at the  topics of other competitors. And they all went something like, science and technology, politics, friends, courtesy and such like. Then i glanced down at my topic…. Harry Potter. sigh…why am i soo good at being weird?

Anyway the hall was decorated and there was a hee-uge audience. And the stage was so big. I was like “say wha ?!!Sir, is it too late to quit now?”

I looked around and everybody were memorising their texts. Then i looked down at my own scanty points scribbled on a piece of paper……………….. heave ho. Then the first participant started her speech. Fuyo, the way she presented a speech semacam nak lakonkan Romeo and Juliet.

i don’t know for some reason or another, although i was like lub dub lub dub, i didn’t feel anything more than that.

My and my friend were laughing the whole time hitting, pinching, kicking, screaming and biting each other when suddenly they called my name. wtf. I rushed on stage, blabbered how i usually blabber at home, came down and continued my fighting with my friend.

Then it was time for the impromptu speech where you’re required to make a speech on the spot. Ok not exactly on the spot but you’re given 4 minutes to prepare and then talk for 3 minutes. Well, no problemo. I mean i’m known for talking alot. So, I went on stage and talked so fast for at least 2 and a half minutes straight without pausing that i doubt wether the judges even caught what i was saying.

So then came at long last the prize giving. And i was soo completely sure i would not get anything. And i was tugging everyone asking wether there were any consolation prizes. But theenn, i was unexpectedly announced as…..jeng jeng jeng jeng…the Champion!!!

I was like Please don’t let this be a dream please don’t let this be a dream..and phew, it wasn’t a dream.=)))

So i was happy for the rest of the day and the end =)

Oh anyway today i slipped and knocked my head when trying to act clever/stupid during badminton today.

Pics from PS competition:

The Stage

The hall. It was lunch break.

The cemetery.

Hemalata. The second hemalata i know of.

 Elly. Dunno how to spell her name.

Me and bakal isteri kepada *ahem*

Anil. The third anil i know of.

School was…very mafan to write la… Anyway i went back early today cuz not feeling well

actually because i don’t wanna stay back for coco..kakaka…but seriously la, i didn’t feel well too


On a different note, tomorrow i ada public speaking competition la wei…damn. Dah la i’m not even confident in my prepared speech. Next time i don’t want to enter la. So annoying.

And the worst part is choosing a topic. Bladdy hell. I think i spent probably about 90% of the time trying to figure out what topic to choose from. In the end i settled for Harry Potter. Cuz i’ve like, got all the information inside me brain. haha…I mean it’s not like i’m expecting to win kan?


Anyways….today ma and me made egg tarts. Cuz i like, pestered her yesterday to buy the ingredients. kekekeke…

Here are some pics. I know it doesnt look professional, but it does taste good…and it saves a ton of money too =)



It’s raining and the whole house is asleep…

I’m feeling very homely right now. It’s hard to describe the feeling but it’s a very comforting feeling, like…i dunno… i feel loved In a family-ish sorta way. I mean it’s raining and it’s cold and cosy, and i’m in my pj’s sitting in front of the computer feeling warmed to be staying in this family house bought umpteen years ago.

Good old memories flooding me makes me feel contented just being here, having a great family, having caring friends before and now, going to school and having fun, and basically just being who i am.

Going through life now makes me feel like how i felt years ago staying in my popo’s house, eating steamboat, celebrating my kongkong’s birthday. You know, family bonds are hard to forget. Especially now that i’m segregated from them. I don’t know when i’ll see my grandparents or cousins again. I don’t know when our family luck will change neither do i know wether i’ll be leaving kampar anytime soon.

But what i do know is that everything will be taken care of in some way or another.

ps im not emo k?

Life’s been pretty hectic lately. There’s just so many things to do and it does take a loong time to get them done. But I’m enjoying life as it is.

Yesterday i went out with a friend. We went for a drink at i-forgot-what’s-the-name cafe, the same row with Pizza Hut. It was a nice cosy little place with dimmed lighting. First thing I noticed there was the abundance of dating couples. 0.0

Anyway I ordered a chocolate smoothie and my friend ordered chocolate passion. Then she ordered a plate of fries. It turned out pretty nice. Btw it was her treat. hehe. The price? It amounted to RM12.

Gosh, prices sure are rising fast in kampar. This is not the only expensive cafe\ fast food outlet in kampar though. There are loads more places like that sprouting everywhere. Take a leisurely walk along any row of shoplots in the main town and you’re sure to bump into a cafe. Not that i’m complaining though. Kampar’s not that bad. Seriously…don’t laugh. They’re even building Tesco here. =) I don’t know when it’s gonna be completed but i doubt i’ll still be here next year.

Then we went to a new bakery next to Japanese garden. Btw, Japanese garden is like totally run down now. So what’s the bakery’s name again? Ooops..forgot. Anyway the prices there ain’t cheap either. Take for example, an egg tart there cost like RM 1.10! Not to say that it’s expensive, but for a small town like kampar, you would expect things to be a little bit cheaper. The shop was pretty polished and had a nice ambience to it. The cost of rent and renovations should explain the high price of the pastries there. 

Then we went to a boutique near our school. TMX. That’s the name. See? I remembered =) I think that was like my 3rd time going there but for some reason or the other i didn’t feel embarrased. Not like me to not feel embarrased you know. Anyway the salesperson was nice. Didn’t bother us much. And since it was raining cats and dogs at that time, we spent like nearly 4o minutes just trying on makeup. It was fun!

Then we got bored and went to Watson’s just 2 doors away. Over there we played with more make up. My friend then gave me a tutorial on hair products while i gave her a tutorial on make up =) After spending another half an hour in Watson’s, the rain stopped. So we went home.

All in all, if you’re an optimistic shopaholic city girl stuck in a small but upcoming town like me, think of kampar as one biiiggg shopping complex. Especially those students who dread studying in UTAR kampar because of the lack of shopping ports.

-cya Toots!-

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