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So came back from Ipoh for a final selection to choose top 6 after 4 days of chess. So same place as in MSSPK. It was fun and i did team bonding.

First day was on a monday. Checked in Majestic Hotel. I shared a room with ikan, tahi, kaykay, christine and nabila, who eventually pulled out cuz she was sick. I’d like to give a short description about my room mates.

Tahi. She’s a damn funny girl albeit weird and blur. As an example, she mixes rice with orange juice and chips and stuffs it in her mouth. And no, it wasnt truth or dare. She does it like its the most natural thing. And every night something goes off in her. HAHAHA… you’ll have to guess what it is. Oh, and she lari terhuyung-hayang. HAHAHA. But she’s a very very nice girl though.

Ikan. She’s one heck of a person who hits me until my skin all turn red and laughs her head away while i cringe in pain. Oh, and she’s the one who keeps me awake till midnight everynight by going “BOOOMMM!!!!” cuz she’s jealous i can fall asleep so easily. HAHAHA. And ikan tells me ghost stories so i wnt be able to fall asleep properly. Tengok tengok, the next morning she’s the one who kena nightmare.

Kaykay. As in chicken. And always dress in yellow. I think her nickname should be air liur. Have to bincang with the comittee members first though. Oh, did i mention she’s a mummy’s girl? hahahaha…seriously.

So anyway, first round was at night on monday. Then continued like in MSSPK format. Round robin la. Results? It was pretty satisfying. I got overall champ but MSSPK title still belongs to Munirah though. But still it was good cuz i had a chance to choose wether to play in individual or team. I won’t tell you what i chose though.

Did i mention that i lost to Huda? arghh!! i was in a losing position during MSSPK but escaped with a draw. Now, i was pressuring her but blundered a piece. But still i had the attack and i could’ve won back the piece but i missed it! Oh well, i still got what i wanted… sort of.

On the last night, as in after the last round was over, everybody decided it was party time. So we played a stupid pingpong-badminton game, lumba minum air and then we shared ghost stories. Then the boys invaded our room and a freaking big pillow fight broke out. My gawd, i think the pillow fight i witnessed that night was one of the most violent one. hahaha… But it was hilarious.

Then we also has some sad moments. The elimination of ikan in a playoff. Damn sad. She really really wanted to go badly. All of us broke down cuz we had to part with each other. I mean, we wouldn’t be seeing each other again.

But all in all, it was good.

Oh shoot… i’ve got to resit my exams. siggghhhh



So tomorrow i’m going for final selection phase 1 for 4 days in Ipoh. At last… Then next week, if i get in the team, i’m going for latihan pusat for another 4 days. THe following it’s MSSM in melaka. Yippee!

I know that i’m going to be missing out alot in school. But it is my last year and i want to enjoy my time just for the time being. I’ll catch up on them after chess.


So anyway, i sat for some papers last week. And i thought i did ok……..until i checked the book. sigh.

I guess i couldn’t do much since i only had like 2 days to cover up all form 4 and 5 syllabus together. Lot’s of people say mid year’s not very important. What’s important is the trials. Ya, i know. But i just don’t like losing out to people in studies. Cuz i want to crush them to smithereens!!!


Kongkong and buiko came on thursday and left on friday. It’s been so long since i saw them. sigh. So anyway, best part is they bought so many things for the family. They even bought us chocolate mousse =) Some more whatever they gave me, x5 cuz of my numerous siblings. That’s  the advantage of having a huge family. Angpow also x5.

Today i went surfing for cake pics cuz i was craving for something sweet. Then out of the blue, something pretty caught my eye. Heavenly gorgeous cupcakes! They are just soooo cute! =) I could go on the whole day just praising these sweet little thangs…

Aren’t they beautiful? I officially want for my wedding a cake ala cupcake style =)

On another note, MSSPK Final Selection is NOT today. It might be next week or tomorrow for all i know, but what i do know is that if it’s next week, that means i’ve got to sit for exams this week! Noooooo!! I haven’t studied yet. For sure 100% i’ll drop significantly in class. sigh…

Anway, exams today were alright…i guess. I wrote some corny essay for english paper and i hantam nearly half of my sejarah paper. Shit. Tomorrow got maths and sejarah…again. I’m beginning to really really really hate studying.

 Oh! How could i forget to mention? Today’s my dear ma’s BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA! Since we couldn’t get her a real cake, she’ll just have to be satisfied with a virtual cake. hehehe…

Ma LURVES chocolate, so here’s something she can salivate on…hahahahaha!


So damn tired. Blisters all over my feet. Now i know to wear shoes when playing badminton.

Ok. I just came back from MSSPK on wednesday and today’s friday. It was held for 3 days but everyone checked in Hotel Majestic a day before. Did i mention hotel? haha, yes i did. MSSPK is, not to be discriminating, so much more nicely done compared to MSSS. Seriously. Ok it may not be a 5 star hotel, but it sure is better compared to staying in a hostel, cuz i’ll get zombified.

So anyway, damn i’m tired i feel like dozing off, i shared a room with Q jie, my sis and 3 more other girls. One of them is a hyperhyper active girl. She can’t sit still for more than 3 seconds. Like after i susah payah made the bed nicely, she goes on it for 5 seconds and destroys the whole thing, bedsheet, pillows and everything. And looking back, i think her legs has another soul altogether. Cuz they’re, the legs, are always always moving. Sampai my whole body kena kick don’t know how many times. Actually she’s quite cute in that way also la. I mean she is 12.

Continuing, each day we had 3 rounds except the last day which is only 1 round. So 7 rounds altogther. Time control is an hour and a half for each player. Best part is the playing hall. Damn nice wei. Like those air conditioned high class officey types of rooms.

The food there was ok. My friend told me it was gross. But i’m used to bland food, so for me it was quite ok. And my friend said the hotel is low class. But i’m used to staying in a simple, simple, simple environment, so ithe place was nice. I am such a low class person.

You want to know my results ka? well I won 6 out of 7, drawing 2 games. And i tied with another girl but she got first. shit. Why i always kena number 2 one ah? So susah hati la saya. Actually the last game was the most crucial one. I was counting on my friend to beat my nearest rival to get number 1 and she was actually winning towards the middle of the game but then she blundered. sigh. She was extremely sad. So was i. haha. Oh well, i can’t have everything.

Putting my susah hatiness aside, i made a bunch of greaattt friends! They made me laugh until i felt like my tummy gonna get muscle spasms. Really la. Sometimes I felt like die-ing from excess laughter so i had to run away from the scene. Then come back 5 minutes later and then continue my muscle spasms again. Damn fun la. Ikan, Kentut, Tahi, Kencing, you guys have a special place in my heart. wtf.

Damn im tired. How many times i said that already? Oh yay! Tomorrow tarak sekolah. i can rest my battered, sore feet. Oh shoot. Next week got exams. Oh yay! Next week i’m going for reselection which means no need to go to school. Oh shoot. I have to resit my exams again. Oh yay, MSSM in melaka during holidays. Oh shoot, this year got SPM.

Oh shoot, im tired…and oh shoot, i went to ipoh without bringing back any pictures. Eventhough i brought my camera. Cuz no battery. So stupid la.

Oh yay, i’m on the internet. I better savour this moment.

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