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Kong Liang finally uploaded the long awaited MSSM pics. Yipee!! =D As I was browsing through them, memories of MSSM came crashing through me so vividly. Sigh. I really missed those times. Those wonderful, wonderful, oh-so wonderful times. Bonds of friendships so, so, so…closely bonded. It’s kind of drastic you know, to not be able to see everybody again. Never ever ever! *touch wood* It’s really, really, really, really sad. And cruel. Really la wei. Really, really, really….ok you get my drift.

Anywaaaayyy…since kongliang uploaded pictures during sight-seeing in Melaka at A’famosa, I’ll post it here. Like Duh! Thanks KongLiang!!!(If u ever visited ma blog) TT If u wanna know in WORDS what happened there, kindly refer to my MSSM post. =)

Me, KayLynn and SiewTing at um…A’famosa ka?

Me, Afi and KongLiang

Mark, me, YitHo, SiewTing, SueSanne (i miss that little girl) and KayLynn.

KongLiang and Firdaus with his stupid pose, in the muzium.

Hoi, so many ppl write down. Tak payah la.

Kong Liang and me. Those 2 guys in the background are Ade and Hafizi, or is it? At the musuem…oi, dunno how to spell muzium la. How ah? Musieum, muzeum, musuem, muzseuemm…..

In the bus.

The guys!! You see? Chess guys ain’t fat =)

Ok, these pics below are irrelevant to the topic at hand. Taken during MSSPK, so just tarok it here.

The END! Those sweeeett memoriess….sigh…


Hoi! I feel so irritated now la. I want to blog about so many things using my own words yet i can’t! Wth  So cham la me. How can this be?? Maybe i should put my blog on private and then blog my heart out using whatever phrases and words i wish. But it won’t be much fun.

You see now. I wanna vent my anger out here also tak boleh. My choice of words are so darn restricted. Tak boleh tahan la. Maybe i’ll get a new blog and then forever keep it a secret.

And why is internet so slow??? Just opening one window completely took me i don’t know how many minutes. OI! Hurry up la wei!!!

Ok, ok, ok. I think i’m hungry. That’s why i feel so grumpy.

Anyway, today was Hari Terbuka, where parents go to school to collect their kids’ report cards la. So my dad went to school and pigi collect bros and i punya report cards. I got 7th place. You might think “Not bad, not bad”, but its bad. Believe me. See my marks la. Especially my science subjects. sigh. I think i’m developing phobia for science subjects. You see now. If i actually become really hardworking and study my butt off i still might not score. Cuz of that mental block that keeps playing in my head “chemistry is hard, physics is harder, add maths is !#^&*%! hard” . Ok la. Cannot say that. So met friends, “hi, bye, go and die” then went home.

My tummy’s growling and mum made her famous mouth watering char siew and rice and some other dishes. So buh bye!

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I like sweating. Cuz it means i’m burning calories. Which means i’m burning fat. Like duh.

These past few days i’ve been working out. Like really working out and not missing out on even a single a day. You’ll never know how glorious it is to sweat if you had my hee-uge appetite. Looking at it from that perspective, i think my weight is remaining stagnant. sigh. Why is food just so good? Ok, i’m not eating dinner later…..i think.

You know what? I wanna turn back time and relive my mssm memories again. Cuz i lost weight then. haha. I’m hankering on my weight so much that you might think i’m one big slob of fat. Alright la. I’m not fat… neither am i thin. Which means i have to lose weight. HAHA

I know. My weight is my obssession.

Other than my weight, i’ve got something very, very, very interesting to tell u guys. Wanna hear it?


School was utterly boring. HAHA

Ok not funny.

Ok, i lied. This post is gonna be another boring one. Today, went to school (like DUH), then after school went to take pics for the moral project. Yay! I’m so glad lotsa people in my class haven’t got enough pictures too and so they’re in the same situation as me. Some more they did the gotong royong and all the other nonsense last year, but still they had to redo it. muahahahaha…i’m so evil.

Then afterwards, me and my friend went jogging. We started jogging at about 5.15pm but the weather was still blazing hot. Before we even started to jog, i was like already sweating like a…..dog? So after jogging we wanted to go yumcha. But the place was closed and i was parched. So rushed back home to drink a few gazillion buckets full of water.

Wei, i don’t understand. Why still so hot at 5 smtg ah? It felt like 12 smtg in the afternoon. Not fair la. Evening is the best time to exercise cuz i’m too lazy to wake up early for a workout in the morning. And i’m only starting to workout regularly cuz i’m helping my friend to lose weight. So must set good example right? Rigghhhtttt……Why is kaya and bread soooo delicious????

Ok, that was random…k la…i’ll write more interesting thing next post la. I hope. I must blame the scorching burning weather for my constant writer’s block.

Well, it’s already been one week in school after the holidays, annddddd…um… I don’t know. School’s been pretty boring. The Hari Keusahawan held yesterday was not very exciting either. Cuz i didn’t have the mood. Came late and went back early. Did I mention i lost my RM5 coupon?

Oh, and i made losses. I’m the president for the chess club and i was forced to plan what to sell or do during Hari Keusahawan. All in one day. At least give me a week la. So, what can you expect? Of course i made losses. But…i don’t really care though.

So, let’s see what other things have been going on. Oh,i haven’t finished my moral project yet!!! I blame the price for the pics. 16 standard size pics! That’s like alot of money….sigh….i think i want to photostat the pics from the computer. I wonder if it’s accepted. sigh. SPM is sooo troublesome.

Other than that, starting from yesterday, i’m going to be a goodie good girl. As in, i’ll TRY not to bicker with my siblings if they don’t agitate me, I’ll do my chores without my mum having to scream in my ears 10 times first, i’ll study, and i have already cut down my internet usage. 

So today i sweeped, wiped, washed, mopped, did the clothes etc. etc. and toiled the whole day through.

But suprisingly, i’m blissfully happy! Although right now i’m sweaty and tired after my evening walk with my sis and the loong hours of chores and the ridiculously humid weather, i kind of feel good. I hope i don’t fizzle out so fast. If not, its back to good ol’ mum’s lecture sessions. And guess what? Today, she didn’t nag me at all. YES!! sigh…i feel soo proud of myself.

Oh, did you know that i could bring in the clothes, fold the clothes, keep the clothes and then hang a second batch of clothes in 15 minutes? Not forgetting that my family consist of 7 people. hee hee hee…



Ok la…i was just joking. I don’t know how long i took.

Actually i’ve got more things to talk about, but now my family knows about my blog. So you know what i mean right?

Anyway, i’ve got other good-girl things to type about, like quantum physics and such like, but if i continue, you’ll be off to  dreamland. But i’ll promise to write more interesting updates next time. I just feel tired now. Bye!


oh man….i’m soo tired today. I drank too much liquid my tummy’s at its stretching limit. Nvm, continuing where i left off…

Third day at Malacca


Woke up in the morning. Like Duh. Then had breakfast. Breakfast there usually consisted of mihun, nasi lemak, or sandwich or suchlike. Depends. The food was quite ok for me cuz I’m not that picky. At about i-forgot-what-time, the whole contingent boarded the bus to Ayer Keroh d’Village. The journey there itself took approximately 40 minutes….i think. I’m not good at remembering facts like these.


Then once there, waited around and then went into the hall to hear boring speeches. The hall was something like a grand ball room, but only problem is, the hall was a bit dim and narrow. After that, went to take contingent pictures. Like, we all had to wait in the sweltering hot sun. Dah la we have to wear our jackets. I was literally bathed in water, wet, sickly water. Then we went back to the hostel again. Bathe, had lunch and then back to the place for round 1. Time control was 1 and a half hours each.


I played against Penang and won my game. And the rest of the u18 girls won their games too! Yay! Girl power! U18G showed the best performance that round. Actually, overall for round 1, the whole Perak team gave quite a satisfying performance. But I only telitikan the u18G.


Fourth day


Today we had 2 rounds to play. 2nd round started at 9 am. I played with KL, against Nurul Akila. Won my game. U18G also gave a very, very satisfying performance….again. Everybody won except one person. That’s ok. Girl Power! Haha. Um…the u18B, sad to say were not exactly perfoming well for both rounds… and the subsequent games. But Kong Liang performed the best there. Wonder what happened to the rest.


Anyway, the 3rd round started at…um…2.30pm. Or was it 2pm? Ok, whatever. My memory’s horrible. I played with KL again. Against Chia Yoon Yoong. Won my game. U18G did just ok this round…2 losses or was it 3 losses? Forgot. And the “dream team”, as in the boys team u15 which everybody expected to be strong weren’t doing fabulously either. I don’t know what’s wrong with them.


Fifth day


Today we only had one round in the morning. The 4th round, I won too against Nur Syafiqah from Sabah. After that round, I was second seeded tying with Marsyitah, who also scored full points.


So anyway, the afternoon was free and cikgu Ridzuan brought us to Mahkota Parade to kaikai. He even treated all of us to Burger King! Isn’t that nice? It was kinda fun there walking around with friends. After that we helped cikgu Ridzuan to take the burgers and cokes back to the bus. In the bus that day I sat at the very last row for the first time. I thought it would be fun to hide from my friends. But they found out anyhow. It was fun sitting at the back especially with Ade and his gang. Haha!


Sixth day

On this day, we had 2 rounds again. I was up against Marsyitah Baba from Negeri Sembilan. I was a little bit scared to play against her though. Maybe because of pressure to win. But whaddaya know? I won her. Next round, the 6th round, I won Ch’ng Chen Nee from Penang. This game was the funniest. I took like, less than 25 minutes and she took 86 minutes! I think she took 40 minutes to think for one move in the game.


That night, Mr Martin told me I was the clear champ cuz I was leading by 1.5 points ahead of my nearest rival. Whoop!! And that night itself, I got some cash. Wakakakakaka!


Seventh day


The last round, I wanted to win though. But I was tooo relaxed. Got overconfident and threw a clear win away. I settled for a draw. After the last round we went back to the hostel, showered up and headed to the bola baling place. After going through a boring match of handball, there came the prize giving! At the field for catur and bola baling. I got champ, Kongliang got best 3rd board, and u15B team got 4th place. U12G team got a prize too. Oh no. I forgot what place they got. Sorry! I think another girl got top 10. eerrrr…I forgot la. Waittaminute…she did win something right? My memory really is horrible.


Last day!


Saddest day! I grew sooo very close to everybody in the team. We’re like this huge happy family. And worse thing was, the teachers wanted to take us to the crocodile farm. But tak jadi! Cuz we arrived there early and it was still closed! Sigh… And we had to part with 2 close friends that time. I even cried =( …. Oh well, setiap pertemuan pasti ada perpisahan. Anyway, I and bros too had to get off at the sg buloh exit. Cuz family and I were then straight going off to kl. Another sad parting.


All in all, there were sweet and bitter moments. I gained so much and I’m thankful that I shifted to Perak and played for this wonderful team. And I’ll forever cherish the time I had there.


Pics from MSSM:

The bus

Ade and me

Giraffe and me

Ermm…wei minh and lele

Lele and Hoho

Helmi and me

Tingting and me

Happy family

Kay kay and me

The swimming pool at d’Village

The padang where they had there prize giving ceremony

The girls hostel

The team

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