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Doing my forum now.

My school’s having BM week. So I participated, or more like, was forced to participate in Kuiz Komsas and Forum. Today i had Komsas Quiz and Chemistry Quiz. Went ok. Tomorrow’s forum and i haven’t even started memorising anything yet. gosh. What else do i write?

Ok, i won’t crack my head over what i did the past weeks. Changing subject, SPM is close, very close. So have to study. I can’t wait till it’s over. Ok, close subject. That was boring.

I don’t think i’ll be writing that often anymore. Gotta study. I’ll update only if something really interesting crops up.

So before i hibernate for another millenium, i wanna give everyone something to think about.

“You are what you think. You get what you think you want to get.”

Nuff’ said.

What you should know