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  1. i’m not allergic to anything.
  2. i don’t have any phobias.
  3. i like whacking people.
  4. i laugh at my own jokes when nobody laughs at them.
  5. i’m a vegetarian.
  6. i went to kindergarden for 3 months only, and i’m proud of that.
  7. my chinese intonation is so bad it may get me into trouble one day.
  8. i love my parents cuz they’re unique.
  9. i think super complicated-ly when it comes to add maths…and physics…and chemistry.
  10. i did gymnastics when i was 12.

national service list came out a few days ago. guess what? im in!

i used to fear getting chosen for ns but dad gave me a pep talk early this year and pulled me outta my ns fear. if not, i’d be kicking and screaming and seriously thinking about brandshing whoever’s in charge of ns. right now, im not really estatic about going nor am i scared outta my wits. all that’s on my mind is spm.

anyway, i just read a few blogs of my old school friends and it seems that they didnt get chosen for ns. apparently, they seem very very very delighted of not getting chosen. see what newspaper reports do to people these days.

basically, its stapled in everybody’s mind that you’ll get killed at ns. but one thing you should know is that 70% of what’s reported in newspapers these days are bad news. accidents, murders, politic squabbles, deaths. and its no different with what’s reported about ns. so its no wonder why more and more people are terrified of going to ns.

but lemme ask you one thing. what actually is the probability of getting killed there? if you’re situated in a really lousy camp and hang out with wrong company and say the wrong things at the wrong time and not take care of your health, then yeah, maybe you’ll get into trouble. i’d say the chances of getting killed is pretty darn slim.

have you ever thought about the other side of the story? what you might gain there? i personally think 3 months is way too short to completely chip away racism among all of us. (im not racist k?) but still, you’ll make new friends and participate in fun activities and for some, build more confidence and lead a healthier life style. im sure some pampered fat kids will definitely cut down on the so called bleak food there as its not rich enought to satisfy their classy appetite.

 if you’re healthy, mix around with the right people and watch what you say, you’ll be fine. and there are lots of stories where kids return home from ns with happy unforgettable moments. friendships are built and experiences are gained.

another good thing is, if everything goes well, i’ll be shedding kilos there! =) but the drawback is, i might get darker. you can’t have everything right?

so don’t fret if you get chosen. at the end of the day, it all comes down to how you view it. if you’re optimistic enough, you’ll see it as an oppurtunity to have a time of your life…without parents 😉

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im hearing Ashley’s new song, “never gonna give you up”. Holds true for me ❤

im supposed to be studying. i did study ok. add maths. for 10 minutes. i’ll study later again la. i don’t understand. i seem to be able to do add maths exercises pretty ok. but during exams it all goes blank T_T

spm trials are next month! all i want now is to get over spm once and for all. its always hanging at the back of my mind. want to day dream also cannot day dream properly. stuudddyyyy. i seriously cannot wait till spm’s done with. it’s gonna be so fun.

pmr trials are next week. so good luck to whoever’s sitting for their pmr trials =)


other than that, school today was pretty satisfying. in the morning, there was a sketch competition in conjunction with english week. the 4 bersaudara gave a really good performance. they were sooo funnyyy. hahaha. too bad nobody video-taped the performance.

then later we had 1 period of maths and 2 periods of add maths back to back. and guess wat? i actually managed to concentrate for 3 full periods and  understand what the teacher was teaching! *so proud*

ok, that’s all ~buhbye~

ok la. i give up. i’m too lazy to create a new blog. so i buka balik this blog to the public again. cuz um…i find out that if nobody’s reading it, i’ve got no motivation pump life into this blog. so yup, here’s my blog again…

updating on my life. i lost my voice. i can still make sounds, more like croaks…and some grunts. anyway today debate finals were on and my team was one of the finalist. so we thought of postponing it to tomorrow cuz in the morning i was speechless, as in SPEECHLESS. totally speechless. ok you get it.

but the other team wanted it today because they’re having their exams next week and well, delaying the competition would mean less time to revise. so i kinda felt bad. i mean, delaying the finals because of me? so “bring it on baby..! come what may, rain or sun, i shall face any boulders placed in my path..!”

ok, i didn’t say that. i gambled on my coarse voice to hold on for that period of time. i went on stage and really screamed my voice out. sort of. it was a tough fight but we won! my teammates gave a pretty good performance. we, as the government side, the motion “bosses are better than employees” was kind of one-sided. i mean, bosses ARE better the employees. duh. pity the other side in a way. no concrete points. and guess who got best debater? the girl with the croaking voice! haha…!! is this some kind of joke or what? i think i sounded like a horse up there. but im not complaining =)

so all in all, i, sookning and rohan were happy today and if i ever completely lose my voice for the next few days *touch wood*, it’s all worth it.


other than that. ok don’t kill me. but just now i ate………….more durians!! what to do la. how can i control myself? durians are just so milky and creamy and sweet and…and..and so nice..! tak boleh tahan. and uh…family and i ate 12 durians all together…heehee

kesian my voice. but i don’t think durians affect my voice. seriously. i think it was the rambutans. my theory la. must protect the innocence and my love for durians. =)

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