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it feels like this fuzzy haze cleared off my mind. No more eating while studying, no more studying in the toilet (ooops) and no more feeling-guilty-surfing-the-net.

although i know i TOTALLY flunked my ADD MATHS. ūüė¶ ūüė¶ ūüė¶ sighhh….worse part is, i know i’m able to solve the problems but during exams my brain goes hay wire. and like, i just solved a question just now which i did not manage to solve during the exam. 0.o

never mind. past is past. so next week is the hari raya holidays. yipee!!! i am so not gonna study for the next few days. ok, mayb i’ll do a bit of light reading. hee. but i HAVE to get some rest. 3 weeks of exams especially when the last week is the toughest is no joke.

i’m gonna spend the holidays doing simple but fun stuff, stuff¬†i was forced to give up during exams. Play badminton, laze around,¬†hang out¬†with friends, go to pasar malams, catch up with my old school friends, and EAT! …and workout for half an hour after that…

oh yay! i’m playing badminton tomorrow!


yesterday, family and i attended a special¬†ceremony held by the Sri Rama temple in kampar. in conjunction to Rama’s birthday, the temple would hold this ceremony every saturday for a month.

we arrived¬†at the temple¬†late in the morning and ate free¬†breakfast there. before we even got there, swamis were¬†already performing¬†the¬†“yajna”, a ritual to sanctify the place and to confer blessings. in the olden times,¬†yajna was actually a sacrificial ritual to appease the gods by sacrificing livestock. but these days, swamis use ghee, sandalwood and other types of herbs accompanied by mantras. anyway, temples are now all vegetarian.

after that, the men carried “kumbum”. i don’t know wether its really called “kumbum” or not. my family calls it that, so i also call it that la. its a container containing coconut water, adorned with fruits¬†and wrapped with¬†bright coloured¬†cloth. then¬†the men¬†would¬†walk around the temple with the ladies and children following behind.

then comes the fun part. after completing a full circle around the temple, good spirits start entering people’s body and they start going into a trance. not everybody goes into a trance though. only those few regulars witha ¬†strong body and mind, i suppose, go into a trance. my dad said these people who go into a trance are actually¬†reliving the time where rama’s army crossed over the bridge after winning the war against ravana and rescuing sita.

oh ya, “3”, my friend with a weird name was there too with some of his other friends from different schools. after the trance, family and i bought some things at the temple and then went back home.

in the afternoon, we went to the temple again for lunch. i mean got free food sure go la. this time i saw rohan there. first ever time seeing him attend a temple. i don’t think these guys go to the temple to pray. they go¬†just to lepak only. lol. oh ya, anish, a guy they keep talking about in school was there too. i think i saw him although i’m not sure wether it was him.

and then aghaliya was there too. in school, aghaliya’s all wild and loud but with her family she speaks ever so softly. like xiao jie only. haha. but very sweet la.

after reaching home, i chatted on msn for so many hours! my god. there goes my revision time for chemistry. it was all good though.

anyway,¬†tomorrow i’ve got physics but i feel so sleepy now. *yaawwwnnnnssss*¬†4 more dayss to habis-ing trials…… wish me luck! =)

i’m off to bathe and doze off, albeit now¬†only being¬†5: 50¬†pm.

nah, kay lynn. update for you wan ah…hahahaha.

woooohooo…first time i actually sat through a politic press conference this afternoon! by anwar of course. actually i don’t mind being a politician if i fail to become a superstar. *innocent look*politicians are pretty darn famous too. =)

anyway, tomorrow i’ve got BIOLOGY. aaaaaaahhhhh!!
next week i’ve got physics and chemistry and add maths. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
3 of my toughest subjects in 4 days.. T_T

alright. i’m off to study. i just talked myself into studying.

okay…im not suppose to be blogging now cuz trials are going on…but wat the heck la…

briefly, trials were okay…toughest was the sejarah paper. but worst is yet to come! just a fact, a fact i’ve repeated many times, i’ve never gotten an A1 for physics, add maths and chemistry =( ..sigh.. truth is, i’ve never actually studied really hard for them. either cuz i’m too lazy or too busy……or too lazy. yup, lazy.

but i really really want to fare better in those 3 subjects!! boohoo…that’s why i have to study my butt off for trials lo…but getting straight As is so not gonna happen, cuz i’ve blown my sejarah paper…no turning back. =(

on another note, our country is going through periods of turmoil. all i know is all this political drama is utterly ridiculous. i mean, they are ADULTS for goodness sake. and, and, and that ismail guy who openly said that the chinese are something like squatters?? shouldn’t he be detained rather than that poor reporter instead? poor thing…politicians shouldn’t be immune to the police. something is very wrong with the system,¬† thats all i can say. anyway, come sept 16, let’s see what’s gonna happen. i’m secretly hoping something big will happen though ūüėČ

actually i’m pretty tired of talking about politics. cuz that’s all my class talks about everyday other than trials.

anyway im craving for OREO mooncakes!! *salivating*

gotta go!

trials are 2 days away!! make that 1 and 1/4 days away!! im excited in a scared, worried, tensed up kind of way. and yesterday, kacsian’s received¬†the official spm schedule. i like it. i mean the booklet and the whole spm atmosphere. so professional la the way the booklet is done up. it’s like this grand competition coming up. weeee…!!

i sound so lame.

but think of it this way. spm is like this really grand portal where all 17 year olds have to go through to¬†be divided into respective dimensions. so cool right?! i can’t believe that i’m actually leaving high school this year.

just imagine. we’ve been schooling for 11 years. and now we’re pushed through this door to the “real” place.¬†i remember when i was 9 or 10 years old, i watched from dad’s car, high school kids holding really “thick” books. at that time i dreaded thinking how i’d survive in high school. i thought high school was really some kind of high level institution where i wouldn’t be able to grasp a single thing.

looking back, i was just an innocent little girl. and now im on the brink of leaving this “high level institution” to go to a really-high-dreadfully-tough-institution. seriously. even getting a pass there would mean lots to people. but who knows, 10 years down the road, i’d be laughing at my current self now.

i’ve gained lots of experience all through my 11 schooling years. some good, some bad but nevertheless its built me to who i am today.

going¬†back to reality, i haven’t even finished trials! gawd…

that’s¬†for now till trials are over. wish me luck! ūüėČ

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