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30 more days…!!!


haven’t been writing for quite a while because i get writer’s block everytime i try to write. that and also because spm is, refer to the above, exactly one month away. *sighs*

oh, and pmr is tomorrow. HAHAHA. serves my brother right. before this, always slacking. see, slack some more la.

so, i’ve gotten my trial results back. aanndd….it was pretty okay. better than my mid-year results which was outright embarassing. so i’m contemplating wether to publish my okay tiral results out here or not. what’s stopping me is my add maths results. and bio. T_T  aiya, what the heck la..

results im satisfied with:

  • bahasa melayu-a1. my class has this one bm expert. he’s like really damn good in malay although he’s a chinese, not to mention pelajar kesayangan cikgu bm. lol. but i beat him by 1% in paper 2! *so proud* but overall, he beat me in the whole paper la. …im so pathetic…
  • bahasa ingerris-a1. no comment
  • sejarah-a1. haha. this one was a shocker cuz i like, totally wrecked my paper 1.
  • maths-a1. the paper was pretty easy.
  • chemistry-a2. O-M-G. first time i actually got a2 in my entire chemistry life! seriously.
  • physics-a2. OMG too. my estatic reaction shows how academically DECLINED i was before, in my science subjects.
  • English for science and technology-a1. no comment

Now for my poor results (must i do this?):

  • biology- b4…or was it b3? boooohooooo…!! for your kind information, bio is one of my favourite subjects.  paper 1 and 3 were just bad.
  • moral-b3. sighs. i was never good in moral. im still blur on the format.
  • add maths- private and confidential. you wanna know you ask me privately la, kay? i don’t want to display my stupidity here.

7As, 2B and 1private and confidential.  but i didn’t fail it la. not that stupid. haha.

anyway, yesterday went to the temple….again. but good thing yesterday was the last day of the festival. phew. not to say i don’t like going to the temple. but go so many times banyak boring la wei.

after this post, i won’t be updating so frequently anymore (yea right, like i’ve been updating frequently). wanna study. buh-bye.



just now, i asked my dad to help solve a tricky logarithm question. and my dad solved it in about 10 minutes. T_T i know 10 minutes maybe long for those super duper genuises in my class. but mind you, my dad hasn’t been solving logarithms for more than 30 years already k? and i took like the whole friggin’ afternoon attempting to solve it. funny part was, my dad was so jubilant when he managed to solve it. waving his hands up in the air and all. lol…anyway, good work papa *pats back*

anyway, how i wanna know can use calculator? the question asked to state in terms of a wat.

moral of the story. my dad’s a genuis. haha. no la. actually yes la, but that’s not the moral of the story. moral of the story is, teaching methods last time are like 10 times more effective than today’s. and what was thaught a few decades ago can still be recalled back. in addition, students those days hardly even go to tuition. now how can you explain that? students these days sekadar menghafal only.

you have to understand the topic. and to understand, you have to paste your butt on the chair, grit your teeth and crack your brains like never before. but once you finally get the idea, its liberating indeed. and solving problems related to it, however way its twisted, is peanuts. everything goes back to the main idea. ish. talk like im expert only. but hey, its true k?

changing the topic abruptly. =)

“distance makes the heart grow fonder.”


how true does this statement hold? personally, i think it does for a certain period of time. but me, being the restless type and having a short attention span doesn’t help at all.

distance does pull people together. not only couples, but family and friends too. but i think for a long distance relationship to work out, 2 people should be really, really in love with one another and have enough trust towards each other. long-distance relationships are tough indeed, especially when you’re not sure when you’re gonna meet. but it’ll all be worth while once you finally get to meet him or her. distance makes you appreciate them more.

i find many couples, who see each other, everyday squabble over small insignificant things. they take forgranted what its like to be in the absence of one another. so yes, i believe distance helps unless you’re tolerable enough towards your counterpart.

but, i’m not saying to hold out for your boyfriend you’re not sure you’re ever going to meet. yes, cases in which couples are separated and to meet each other would mean waiting for years, do exist. if that’s the case, just get over him and find other guys. seriously. im not being mean or anything, its just common sense.especially if you’re still young.

-end of story-

sorry, i ran out of brain juice in the middle of it.

anyways, SPM IS 39 DAYS AWAY! am i suppose to cry or laugh?

see? blog some more la. ish.

selamat hari raya to all my malay friends!!


bibi baba bibi baba

actually for this post i wanted to write about popularity, but to write about this topic, must get super emo first. but im not super emo today. so that topic’s for another day when im super emo. =)

then i wanted to write about my day, which is like superbly borrriiinngg. actually not boring la. but then after this sentence “mummy and i made kuih dadar” i kena writer’s block.

so now im changing subjects. i’ll be exposing one of my deepest secrets!! jeng jeng jeng jeng…




i like kacau-ing small girls!!! *beams* small girls are so kacau-able. like you can make fun of them, then poke them and then run away. you can also pull their hair and talk baby language to them and teach them bad words they don’t understand. some more you can ask them to say those words to other people. and if they try to disturb you, you can tarok them in a basket. but the basket must be big enough so that they can’t come out. the possibilities are endless!! so fun right?

best thing is small girls are not restricted by their age. but the problem is older small girls are smarter. so your kacau-ing methods are restricted. but still fun leh.

oh no. im listening to enrique-escape and its like getting me super emo. sigh.

anyway ah. uhm. i just wanna know. what’s your first impression on me. like why do my school friends call me gentle. another one of my friends first impression on me is that im cool. another friend thought i was lala. 

okay, i seriously don’t think i’m gentle or cool or LALA, definitely not lala. please not lala la. im not lala laaa. tat would be last thing i’ll be. and i don’t want to be cool. cool are for boys. and im not gentle la wei. im clumsy.

wait, i forgot more first impressions of me. some say im jovial n cheerful. some say i look serious. serious ur head la. im only serious when playing chess and when scolding my baby sister and my cat. and my brothers. some didnt have any first impressions on me. so question is, im totally clueless wei. what am i?

kayyy. drop me comments hor?

bye ya

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