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my class, 5 science 1, held its class farewell today. frankly, i didn’t enjoy myself.

i’ve shifted several times in the past before. and i had memorable partings with my classmates from different schools, wether in the form of our last shopping trip, last hug or last exchanging of gifts. at the new place, i would once in a while break down and remember the times together. i still miss them.

and since this is my final ever school parting, of course i would prefer it to be extra memorable.

but it didn’t even come close. if i were to rate it from a scale of 1 to 10, i’d give it a 2. points only for the food. and i only had 1THIN slice of pizza. 1 mm thin wei. and a thin slice of cake. i don’t think it was worth the rm15 i paid.

oh well, there’s nothing i can do.  i can’t wait to study in other places and meet friendlier people.


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