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MSSPK Centralised Training 2009

Posted on: March 14, 2009

Yay! Finally I get to meet my chess friends. It’s been about a year since I last saw them. So here’s how the story went.

I arrived at Unit Sukan at about 10 a.m. Luckily, my friends were already waiting eagerly for me (ahem…LOL). So I was like AAAAHHHH….HI!!!! to Siew Ting and Jia Minn and we were like group hugging when I started wondering where Kay Lynn was.

Then I noticed a new face there. She looked like those Chinese girls very xiao jie and mei mei one. I thought she was another new comer who qualified for MSSPK. Just as I was going to ask her “Hi, what’s your name?” when suddenly…..wtf!! You’re Kay Lynn?!?!?!

ROTFL…!!! I didn’t know what had gotten into me. I was still picturing her with specs on. At that time, I thought she looked so different but at closer inspection, she actually looks the same la. Whada hell man. Sorry ah Kay Lynn didn’t recognize you. But damn funny wei.

So we played double-chess, stupid-chess (and yes, it was immensely stupid), saw disgustingly grosteque videos (Jia Minn was laughing her head away … she’s so seriously sick la) and crapped away when Kay Lynn had to go back for her music lessons. Wei, ma’am, you ada piano, swimming, karate, chess, violin, guitar, drums, singing, acting, wushu, ballet, taekwondo, gymnastics, basketball…cukup la. The multi-talented Miss Chan. LOL…!!!

Lawrence the Great finally came right after Kay Lynn left. Perfect timing. Spot on. See, sleep late somemore la.

After that, Siew Ting, Jia Minn and I took hilariously stupid pictures. Jia Minn looked like a dead fish while Siew Ting looked like she just melepaskan another Hiroshima bomb. LOL!! I was the only one who appeared normal (liar, liar pants on fire). The only person who maintained her virtuos upbringing was none other than Christine the Holy One.

Then we went to the girls’ room and we discovered about Siew Ting and her pure….HAHAHAHAHA!!! And we also found out the origin of Siew Ting in the history of Hiroshima… and her incredibly deadly fart.

And Jia Minn the Fish contributed greatly to the discovery of how fishes evolved to become … Jia Minn herself. Okay, I made that up la. Hey, it’s true what. Oh, and Jia Minn the Fish broke her jaw…on purpose. Damn sick man.

Also, I gave out my secret on how I won MSSM last year. It has to do with Siew Ting’s special powers from her pure…HAHAHAHAHA!!!

For those of you who don’t know us, you’ll be lost by now. I’m betting you don’t know head or tail to what I’m telling. So to end your misery, I’ll skip all the other details and go straight to the conclusion. Kesimpulannya, we had a sickening blast of a time! It was sweeettt…!! I hope we’ll be able to come together again in the near future. Really do!


3 Responses to "MSSPK Centralised Training 2009"

Wat the heck!! I look like xiao jie and mei mei??? haha.. funny la..

Ya. I know.. I’m multi-talented.. haha.. πŸ™‚

Btw, congrats again for your SPM results… πŸ™‚

>>>> Yeah lor.. terlepas the chance to meet kay lynn.. what to do.. everyday also sleep late. even now, im putting my comment at 1 am.. tmr sure kalah la.. 😦

wow..serious ah??kay lynn is lyk a sakai man..a new sakai..lol..ader dan u..ama ah…i enva looked lyk a fish..however i luk..i bet it’s better dan ur down syndrome luk!!!hahahahaha!!i’l wait 4 wat u hv 2 say…hehehe!!!lawrence de sleepy pig..gratz again..booger 4 gtin straight a’s..btw..thx 2 ur luck..ur champ luck…our state gt amazingly gd result tis yr…lol..^^so proud..especially de gals..hahaha!!

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