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A 3 Month Long Goodbye

Posted on: March 19, 2009

This is a sticky post.

Hey again!

Just so you know, I’m leaving for National Service 2009 tomorrow. So I won’t be updating this blog until I return and I suppose this would be my last entry before going to National Service (duh). The earliest I’ll be able to update it again is on June 9, a day after I return.

For those of you who are also in the second batch, have fun! For those of you who aren’t going anywhere, I’ve listed down a few sites you might be interested in while I’m gone. I’ve really enjoyed reading these blogs during my free time. Each of these blogs holds their very own charm and I hope it’ll keep you busy and entertained until I come back.

All these blogs are personal blogs just like this blog, but they each have a distinct flare. So what I’ve done is I’ve typed out the things in each blog that appeal to me.

A Singaporean blogger that writes things as it is in glaring honesty. This kind of bold frankness is the focal lure that keeps me coming back for more.

This site gives good reviews on places to visit, eat and shop. It’s also filled with the latest Nuffnang (Asia’s first blogging community) ongoings and events.

A witty site that’s filled to the brim with amazing pictures and laughter. Visit this blog if you’re feeling blue.

See you guys in 3 months time! I’ll miss all my friends and family very much! *sniff*



4 Responses to "A 3 Month Long Goodbye"

Goodbye, mi yen.

Have an enjoyable time there.

Do remember to take care yourself also.

See you in June…..


Hey, I know by the time you come back, you’ll already know it but I’ll tell you anyway..

Munirah took over your place as champ for U-18 girls le.. Got a couple of them get best board players too.. S.ting top 5.. the rest I think your family will tell u la..Perak did very very well this year… 🙂

Mi Yen!!!! At laz I hear from u… but I noe u gona c tis after u com back from NS. But plz let me noe whr u gona study. I heard from hzy tat u’re gona study at kl. Hope to c u soon!!! Miss u so much… Muacks~ xD

‘Fan Xu’ i edi read ur blog lo. I d new member. So, it is really difficult to find ur blog. Ur blog looks nt bad. I hope my blog wil same as well as u. I edi finish our video lo. I can giv u when i go bac thr. Although now u cant read my message anyway i juz write it la. After u watch d video u sure dun un n ‘marah’ plz enjoy it.

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