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This is a sticky post.

Hey again!

Just so you know, I’m leaving for National Service 2009 tomorrow. So I won’t be updating this blog until I return and I suppose this would be my last entry before going to National Service (duh). The earliest I’ll be able to update it again is on June 9, a day after I return.

For those of you who are also in the second batch, have fun! For those of you who aren’t going anywhere, I’ve listed down a few sites you might be interested in while I’m gone. I’ve really enjoyed reading these blogs during my free time. Each of these blogs holds their very own charm and I hope it’ll keep you busy and entertained until I come back.

All these blogs are personal blogs just like this blog, but they each have a distinct flare. So what I’ve done is I’ve typed out the things in each blog that appeal to me.

A Singaporean blogger that writes things as it is in glaring honesty. This kind of bold frankness is the focal lure that keeps me coming back for more.

This site gives good reviews on places to visit, eat and shop. It’s also filled with the latest Nuffnang (Asia’s first blogging community) ongoings and events.

A witty site that’s filled to the brim with amazing pictures and laughter. Visit this blog if you’re feeling blue.

See you guys in 3 months time! I’ll miss all my friends and family very much! *sniff*



I got straight A’s! Yahoo! Not all A1’s but still, all A’s. I didn’t expect it. Actually I did, cuz I used my almighty manifesting powers to draw the A’s into my results slip. Too bad I didn’t specify all A1’s. Hey, I’m serious. I’ve got latent manifesting powers okay. I pictured the scene of 10A’s in my results slip in my mind for a few months. Before you know it, walah! Ever heard of the law of Attraction?

Best of all, I didn’t need to study my ass off to get straight A’s. Just half-ass. And no tuition! Also, I finally got my first ever A in add maths in the history of my awful, past add maths results.

So here are my results:

Malay Language – A1

English Language – A1

Moral Studies – A2

History – A1

Mathematics – A1

Additional Mathematics – A2 …woot!

Chemistry – A2

Physics – A2

Biology – A2

EST – A1

I know, I know. My science results booboo la. No matter, it’s still an A.

The SPM results this year in ACS Kampar is significantly better than last year’s. There were altogether 8 pelajar cemerlangs. 8 or 9 A’s and above. Not bad for a form of only 4 classes. Excluding me they were:

  1. Tham Weng Lik – This guy’s the top of the top wei. 12 A’s. Continue to be flexible.
  2. Wong Joo Fei – Mr Maths Genuis didn’t even come! What la.
  3. Lam Si Lone – Let’s just hope his height will catch up with his SPM results for the better good of mankind. LOL.
  4. Chang Tak Wai – This one memang dapat punya. No need to think.
  5. Rohan – This guy always act cool one, like yoyoyo-fun-and-girls-first-studies-second. But deep down, total nerd la. HAHA
  6. Lee Suet Mun – Top girl student! Tokoh Pelajar 2009! Wah seh!
  7. Jessica Yip – …uh…another very smart student. Haha…I don’t really know her well enough to comment.

When Sook Ning and I were leaving the hall, we passed by our BM teacher, Cikgu Zaiton, without saying a thing. Then she was like “Eh, tak ucap cikgu ke?” Damn. I felt really bad. Dude, I got an A1 because of her. So we thanked her fervently. I wanted to say something more than thanks but I didn’t know how. What else was there to say?

There were times where I had my private grudges against her but deep down, I’m very thankful to have her as my BM teacher. She taught me very, very well. Too bad I didn’t buy her anything as a token of appreciation.

To celebrate the joyous occasion (ahem), Sook Ning and I hopped on a bus to Ipoh Parade. Primary mission: find a pair of heels that Sook Ning was eyeing ever since I don’t know when.

I think we browsed 80% of all the clothes shops in Parade, as in actually going into the shop and leafing through the clothes and stuff. After shopping (or more like window shopping) till we dropped, we went to a karaoke box. Yay! My very first time! It was fun. The service was real nice and they served tidbits and drinks catered for 4 people. So we had twice the amount to eat and drink! Actually, I ate most of the snacks. Waittaminute, that’s not right. I ate all the snacks. Yup, that’s more like it.

We also sang ourselves hoarse for 2 and a half hours non-stop. Fun leh. I did most of the screaming cause if I didn’t, my voice would be drowned by Sook Ning’s voice. We came back at night (duh, yuh…).

Oh, and Sook Ning never found the type of heels she was looking for. Better luck next time. But other than that, I’m up for another bout of karaoke anytime. Hehehe…

STPM Results out today! Woohoo! Hehehe…

Good Luck to all STPM 2008 candidates!

Another 2 more days and it’s gonna be my turn. Yipay!

There’s only 2 ways to react to the news anyway. Cry or laugh. So I’ll take the latter.


I lost my bicycle keys! Boohoohoo…!  This is atrocious! How by the mighty beard of Thor can the keys go missing?

Do you know what cycling means to me? It’s the life and soul of…of… my life!

Last Sunday, after our usual bout of cycling, my sister placed the keys at its usual place on the altar. The next day, we decided to go cycling again but the keys weren’t on the altar! We searched and searched and searched but to no avail.


So cannot go la. My mom told me that’ll appear if I just stop trying to find it. It’s hidden for some reason. Okay la. I mean, that’s fair enough since some of my things last time did go missing but reappeared later.

The next morning which is today, I got up early and started my search again. I made sure I searched every nook and corner of the house. But still, the key evaded me! Grrr…!! I even questioned my sister to see whether she was lying about the keys. But she skillfully proved that she was innocent by using her I’m-gonna-cry tactic.

I’m so not Conan the detective. But it’s strange that the key can just go missing so suddenly.

I think there’s spirits in this house that’s playing with me. I mentally gave in and asked them to stop with their games. But they wouldn’t listen to me! So bad hor?

But being stubborn, I still insisted on going out cycling so I went out to buy a new bicycle lock. Nyeh nyeh..

This time, I’m gonna make sure I’ll keep the key at a safe, safe, very safe place. If I had a camera, I’ll take pictures of it as proof of the place I kept it.

Moral of the story is: I’m very happy I bought a new bicycle lock. Yay! Can go bicycling!

Hey, hey, hey. I’ve been posted at Kem Tegas Mesra, Selama for National Service! Hip, hip, hurray!



I’ve no idea where Selama is.

All I know is that it’s nestled among some pekans and it’s about a 2 and a half hour journey from my place. Oh, and one of my classmates is also posted at the same place!

And for all 2008 SPM students; the results are going to be out on the 12th of March which is next Thursday. That’s approximately one week away from NS.

Oh my gawd…I don’t know what to expect this time. I hope I don’t faint or something when receiving my SPM result slip. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god… I just love saying that

Here’s the strategy though, I’m going to take the result slip, fold it up and scream my lungs out before looking at my results. It’s a kind of psychology thing to brace myself up before the  oncoming shock. What’s your strategy? Whatever it is, good luck!

Actually, I’m really excited this year to tell the truth. Life was kinda dormant lately but I think it’s gonna get pretty thrilling.  Oh boy, oh boy!

Especially since I’m at the brink of entering the real, independent, challenging world. I can finally take charge of life!!! RAWR!!!

Okay…that was totally uncalled for.

On another note, I’ve finally bought a bottle of sunblock, the Biore UV Perfect Face Milk SPF 50 ++! Yay me! I’ve read a fat load of rave reviews about it in the Malaysian Babes forum and a lot of girls are fans of it. It seems Sunplay and Biore are one the best brands of sunblock in the market. Best of all, they’re very reasonably priced.

I can’t wait to try it! After I’ve given it a go, I’ll be writing a review about it. So stay tuned.

You know the best thing about my purchase? The original price was RM24.90, but I bought it for only RM16.50! I love Guardian’s Great Sale. Muah, muah!

For those of you who don’t know, Bata is having a mega sale! Best thing is this sale is not the 3-day special kind of sale on only a selected range of shoes. Instead, this sale goes on for a whole month (March) on a very broad variety of shoes.

In case you didn’t know, my old pair of pink sports shoes was so badly battered during the Melaka MSSM chess competition last year, I threw it away there and then before coming back to Perak. And ever since then, I have been shoes-less. Well, at least until the Bata sales started.

On Sunday, I went to Tesco Bata and my eyes fell on 3 lovely pairs of assorted pink srtiped shoes (I have a fetish for pink, I know) but in different designs, 30% off. After cutting down my selection to 2 pairs of shoes, I think I spent about 20 minutes deciding which of the 2 to choose. It was either the pink and white or the pink and grey. See my dilemma? My sister was bored and the sales person was bored. And I was bored. No la, kidding. I was enjoying the state of indecisiveness. What was a perfectionista like me to do? It was hard to choose. Very hard.  

In the end, I chose the pink and grey one because it was slightly more expensive than the pink and white one. More expensive means better quality what. Anyway, I’m very happy with the choice I made. It’s a Power brand. Although it’s not Nike or Adidas or whatever, it’s good enough for me. The shoes were light enough, and the sole is arrow headed designed which “maximises the grip against heavy forces and yada, yada, yada”. So long as it looks nice, all’s fine.

The original price of the shoes was RM60. 30% off and I only had to pay RM42! That’s a steal man. I love my shoes! And I love Bata Sales! Discounts are at 30%, 50% and even 70% off. So what are you waiting for? Go buy a pair before the month ends!

One more thing. Have you heard that Guardian is having another month long mega sale? I’ve always thought of buying sunblock for National Service. I don’t do the buy sun block thing but neither do I fancy coming back from National Service looking like an over riped papaya. So a few weeks ago, I checked out the original prices of sunblocks and one small bottle of, let’s say 40ml, is a freaking RM29 ++! How come sunblocks so damn expensive one?


Anyway, good thing Guardian is having this sale and has cut down a lot of prices. I’ve set my eyes on a Biore bottle with an SPF of 25++ now only at 19.90 after a 15% discount! Not bad eh? I haven’t bought it yet though. There are so many types of brands like Banana Boat, Biore (duh), Sunplay etc. Because I’m not really an expert on sunblocks, I’m gonna do a search to see which one is most suitable first before I buy anything. I sound so kiasu hor? What to do? I want the best value for my money. 

My rule of my thumb: If you’re on a budget, try your best not to buy retail. Wait for sales and you’ll find it much easier to fork out your cash.

I can’t believe my brother even had the nerve to tell my friend that I sleep and eat like a pig all day! Grrr… who’s the one who has to do all the freaking chores huh?

Let me tell you about my day today.

I woke in the morning (duh), folded a mountain of clothes (8 people’s clothing + my siblings clothing from their chess trip), mopped downstairs, did other miscellaneous chores and helped my mother with the baby.

Afterwards, it rained. So I had to push in the clothes. Then it stopped. I pushed out the clothes. Then it freaking rained again! Omigosh … is somebody up there trying to punish me?

Later, my dad took my baby sister out for a walk. The toddler of the house (my second sister) naturally wanted to follow. Okay, so follow la. While I was having breakfast, I heard my second sister’s oh-so-common cries at the back of the house. She was having one of her hysterical tantrum-throwing sessions again.

That session lasted for a good one hour plus. Along with it, was my baby sister’s crying, crying from the children in the back house (those kids there always cry…god knows why), shouts from the kids’ mother and the siren of the ambulance outside. It was chaos!

I couldn’t even give my sister a piece of my mind, least my dad would give me a piece of his mind. At last my mom told off my sister with her all mighty mother powers. A few whimpers and lectures later, everything settled down.

Aaah…the beautiful sound of silence. You’ve got to experience total chaos before appreaciating peace ya’ know.

Now, it’s 1.08 PM and I just received a letter from my aunt in Singapore. Afterwards, I’m going down to make my own lunch. Normally, during the second half of the day, I’d be cooped up with a good book or at the computer if I have something to write about (pc games bore me already). Or snack. Okay, okay. So I do tend to overindulge a lil’ bit. Is that a crime?

Usually, it’s in the morning which is the busiest time of the day. And in some cases, at night, when the whole big family is together.

So the purpose of this post is to refute my brother’s claims of me being a pig at home. Haha…haha… Case closed.


Aww, man… why am I squeezing the clothes 3 times a day?? I’m tired. Bone-tired.



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