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I’m back people!!!

I have officially completed my 3-month NS stint!

The verdict:

After weighing out everything, I’ve actually really enjoyed PLKN. To those of you who are chosen, grab the chance. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. At first, you’ll experience the usual homesickness but after that stage has passed, the people and the routines there will stick to you like parasites – in a good way. You’ll return home a different person. I’m serious.

Okay, since I’ve got so many things to write about National Service, this post is going to be in a Question & Answer format. It’s easier that way.

How are the trainees organized in camp?

When I first arrived, the camp trainers briefed us on the overall NS stint and what can be expected. Then we were divided into our respective dorms or platoons. There are altogether 16 dorms. 8 dorms for the girls and 8 for the boys. Each dorm holds an average of 30 + trainees. After that, we trainees were further arranged into our respective companies. The 4 companies in our camp are:

  1. Satria Gemilang
  2. Harimau Bersatu
  3. Skuad Malaya
  4. Helang Hitam

I’m in Harimau Bersatu, the best company in camp. Heehee…

After days of organizing, in which they distributed logistic stuff (issued clothes, and sleeping stuff) and after all the boys got their groovy haircut, we’re finally down to business.

How’s the schedule for trainees?

It’s seriously packed. Generally, the schedule goes like this:

6.30 a.m. – Roll call and morning exercise

7.30 a.m. – Breakfast

8.30 a.m. – Character-building class (CB class) or Kenegaraan class (KN class)

10.30 a.m. – Brunch

11.00 a.m. – Class continues

12.30 p.m. – Lunch

2.30 p.m. – Physical activities (marching, TTS etc.)

4.30 p.m. – Tea time

5.30 p.m. – Evening exercise

6.30 p.m. – Dinner

8.30 / 9.00 p.m. – Tayangan video

10.30 p.m. – Supper

11.30 p.m. – Sleep

This schedule only applies on weekdays. On weekends, sometimes we have community service, miscellaneous programs and religion classes.

What are the activities prepared there?

There are all together 4 modules prepared:

  1. Modul Fizikal
  2. Modul Kenegaraan
  3. Modul Pembinaan Karakter
  4. Modul  Khidmat Komuniti

Modul Fizikal includes activities like marching, flying fox, abseiling, obstacle course, TTS etc. Anything that’s, well, physical.

Modul Pembinaa Karakter aims to build your character through simple games. Trainees are given workbooks and further divided into 7 classes. I was in CB 2.I thought Modul Pembinaan Karakter was boring. But I gulped back my words after experiencing Kenegaraan Kelas. At least during character building classes, we have fun and games. Although the games are quite childish, they’ve got meanings behind it.

Modul Kenegaraan for me is the most boring one out of the 4. I don’t know about other camps, but my Kelas Kenegaraan was totally dull. We have 14 classes altogether and I’m KN 7. My teacher would be blabbing away and I’d be sleeping away. I doubt this module achieved its aim (meningkatkan semangat patriotic). The only fun thing about it is at the end of the entire module, each class would be required to give a performance on a night called Malam Patriotik. So there was acting and choir singing. I got to be the MC of my class.

I enjoyed Modul Khidmat Komuniti the best. That’s cuz we trainees could go out of camp according to our respective companies. If I’m not mistaken, this module only started in the second month. We went to museums in Taiping, Lake Garden, Rumah Seri Kenangan (old folks home), jungle trekking at Bukit Larut, etc. Community Service are on Wednesdays and Sundays only. Sometimes when we don’t go out on those days, we usually listen to speeches regarding HIV/Aids, Money Management, Road Safety, Smoking etc.

And not forgetting the oppurtunity to use M16. At fisrt, I wasn’t at all looking forward to using the gun. I have phobia toward loud sounds befofre this. But now, I can officially said that my experience in using M16 has successfully diminished my phobia for loud sounds. Yipee!!

After the semester break, things got a hell lot busier. One of the major events being the Sports Carnival. The performance of trainees counted a lot towards their company marks. The sports that were being competed were volleyball, netball, football, sepak takraw, creativity sports, kembara halangan (obstacle course), marching and tarik tali.

I entered volleyball, obstacle course and marching. I must say my team’s performance was very satisfying. Harimau Bersatu got runner-up for volleyball, runner-up for tarik tali, champion for obstacle course, champion for marching, champion for football and champion for netball. I forgot about the rest ‘cuz we didn’t do too well in them. *grins*

Then at a much later stage of the camp, we trainees went for Wirajaya, a 2 day 1 night stay in the forest. For Kem Tegas Mesra, we were situated at Ayer Itam. I have to admit that I didn’t enjoy myself there. That’s cuz my comfort needs are very high. The tent was very, very simple. Just 4 linen cloths and 3 sticks. That’s all. I had to sleep with full celoreng with half my body soaked thanks to the night activities in which I was forced to cross the river in the middle of the night. And those dreaded spike boots with their weight made the whole sleeping process much more torturous. Oh well, it’s still an experience.

The second last Saturday, my camp trainers brought all the trainees to Bukit Merah! I love Bukit Merah ‘cuz I’ve had good memories about it since I was a kid. We had to pay RM10 as an entrance fee though. Not bad considering the normal price being RM 25 ++. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there splashing around and playing with my friends. We were in the water for 4 hours straight. My friends and I didn’t even stop for the lunch break. That’s how much fun we had together. After that, we went out and shopped around for souvenirs. I bought a pretty purple hair accessory. It’s cute.

How frequent are the holidays?

I’m not sure for other batches, but for my batch whish is the second batch, we’ve got Ching Ming, Good Friday, Indian New Year and semester holidays. I went for Ching Ming (3days) and the semester holidays (4 days).

Semester holidays is a must for all trainees whereas the other holidays goes according to your race.

How much is the National Service allowance?

As of 2009, trainees are given RM150 per month. If you obtained excellent SPM results, you’re entitled to get an extra RM100 (one-time only).

How’s the food there?

Not bad. Really, stop smirking. Although I’m a vegan and my food choices are a little bit limited (imagine eating fried rice every lunch and dinner time), I still appreciate the food there. But for breakfast, brunch, tea time and supper, I get to savor other types of food.

Sometimes, I can ask the canteen people to give me a whole pack of buns although I can eat the normal food cooked. I usually store these buns up in my locker. =) That’s the privilege of being vegan. For non-vegans, their food palate is bigger. So it’s not the same type of food every time.

Only on some days, the food served is bad. But that’s only on some days. Overall, it’s quite nice for me. When it comes to food, I’m very hearty. For others, the food may not be to their liking. So this is just my personal preference.

Part II: PLKN friends coming soon with pictures.


Yesterday, PICA held the YMCA Tournament at YMCA (duh!) and also their Annual General Meeting (AGM). And yesterday was the third day in a row I went to Ipoh.

The AGM was scheduled to start at 9 a.m. and end an hour later, and the first round was predicted to start at 10.10 a.m., 10 minutes after the meeting.

So after dropping off my brothers at Unit Sukan (they were headed for MSSM in Klang), my dad and I arrived at YMCA. The Ee twins, Shu Jing and Kong Liang, were there and so was Kay Lynn in her blazing white outfit and Firdaus, now taller than ever and also Lawrence the Great.

Oi, siapa kata Yusri akan datang huh?

Anyway, the AGM began (my first ever experience on how adult AGMs are conducted) and the chairperson, Dr Yee, (ex-president of PICA) started his talk on I don’t know what. For your information, I’m going to be relating my experience to this AGM in a debate format which explains the term chairperson (if you know what I mean).

My dad predicted that there would be drama and he was right. After like about 15 minutes, emotions ran high and a fight of words ensued between members of the committee. It wasn’t so much of a meeting anymore, but more like a hot debate. Politics always have drama, whether it’s chess politics or whatever politics la. Cut the long story short, the AGM which was supposed to last only for an hour dragged on for 2 long hours.

Too bad I couldn’t hear what they were saying. It was all in a blur but my dad told me what happened later on.

So anyway, the first round finally started at about 11 a.m. By now, after the numerous local rapid tournaments I’ve participated, I’ve grown quite used to these tournaments not starting on time.

But the time control was heartlessly cut down to 10 minutes from the original 20 minutes per person! But after round 4, the time control was back to 20 minutes. Oh and thanks to the AGM I lost to an 11 year old boy.

Anyway, here are my rounds. Not many strong players participated though. Most were at Klang to play in the MSSM. I’m an olg hag so I couldn’t play, I know.

Round 1 – I was up agaisnt a small Malay boy of 11 years. I beat him la.

Round 2 – I played with a slightly older Malay boy. I won my game pretty easily too.

Round 3 – Oh gosh. I so hate this round. I lost to an 11 year old Indian boy! I was attacking him like crazy when I freaking blundered my Queen! Sigh…

Round 4 – I played with a Malay teenager and beat him.

Round 5 – I was up against Lawrence. I lost la, aiyo. He sacrificed a piece for an attack and I just sucked at defending my position. I think I messed up my opening anyway.

Round 6 – I played with Sharon Yee, daughter of Dr Yee. I won the game.

Round 7 – I played my dad and I won! I attacked his king and my attack broke through! Yeah!

Conclusion: The tournament was pretty easy I guess. I collected 5 out of 7 points. And that’s nothing special at all. I think about 8 people got 5 points. Anyway, I still clinched the Best Girl under-18 title. Too bad it was only a trophy. I’d prefer money =)

Anyway, Shu Jing and Kong Liang got the 7th and 8th place respectively. Lawrence got the 9th place. Firdaus got 2 placings lower than me although he played agaisnt much stronger players. LOL. I pity him in a way. Actually, Firdaus is quite strong too. Kay Lynn leh…hahaha. Okay la, i won’t give out ur position la. lol…

But still the day was really, really good. I had a great time with my friends. We gossiped and teased and just had lots fun with one another. And I know somebody had a real great time with somebody else! 😉

Oh and Firdaus couldn’t stop teasing me about my weight! Oi, I’ll take that as a challenge alright! You’ll see once I return from NS I’ll be so stick thin you won’t even be able to see me. RAWR!

p.s.: I won’t be stick thin la.

Yay! Finally I get to meet my chess friends. It’s been about a year since I last saw them. So here’s how the story went.

I arrived at Unit Sukan at about 10 a.m. Luckily, my friends were already waiting eagerly for me (ahem…LOL). So I was like AAAAHHHH….HI!!!! to Siew Ting and Jia Minn and we were like group hugging when I started wondering where Kay Lynn was.

Then I noticed a new face there. She looked like those Chinese girls very xiao jie and mei mei one. I thought she was another new comer who qualified for MSSPK. Just as I was going to ask her “Hi, what’s your name?” when suddenly…..wtf!! You’re Kay Lynn?!?!?!

ROTFL…!!! I didn’t know what had gotten into me. I was still picturing her with specs on. At that time, I thought she looked so different but at closer inspection, she actually looks the same la. Whada hell man. Sorry ah Kay Lynn didn’t recognize you. But damn funny wei.

So we played double-chess, stupid-chess (and yes, it was immensely stupid), saw disgustingly grosteque videos (Jia Minn was laughing her head away … she’s so seriously sick la) and crapped away when Kay Lynn had to go back for her music lessons. Wei, ma’am, you ada piano, swimming, karate, chess, violin, guitar, drums, singing, acting, wushu, ballet, taekwondo, gymnastics, basketball…cukup la. The multi-talented Miss Chan. LOL…!!!

Lawrence the Great finally came right after Kay Lynn left. Perfect timing. Spot on. See, sleep late somemore la.

After that, Siew Ting, Jia Minn and I took hilariously stupid pictures. Jia Minn looked like a dead fish while Siew Ting looked like she just melepaskan another Hiroshima bomb. LOL!! I was the only one who appeared normal (liar, liar pants on fire). The only person who maintained her virtuos upbringing was none other than Christine the Holy One.

Then we went to the girls’ room and we discovered about Siew Ting and her pure….HAHAHAHAHA!!! And we also found out the origin of Siew Ting in the history of Hiroshima… and her incredibly deadly fart.

And Jia Minn the Fish contributed greatly to the discovery of how fishes evolved to become … Jia Minn herself. Okay, I made that up la. Hey, it’s true what. Oh, and Jia Minn the Fish broke her jaw…on purpose. Damn sick man.

Also, I gave out my secret on how I won MSSM last year. It has to do with Siew Ting’s special powers from her pure…HAHAHAHAHA!!!

For those of you who don’t know us, you’ll be lost by now. I’m betting you don’t know head or tail to what I’m telling. So to end your misery, I’ll skip all the other details and go straight to the conclusion. Kesimpulannya, we had a sickening blast of a time! It was sweeettt…!! I hope we’ll be able to come together again in the near future. Really do!

I got straight A’s! Yahoo! Not all A1’s but still, all A’s. I didn’t expect it. Actually I did, cuz I used my almighty manifesting powers to draw the A’s into my results slip. Too bad I didn’t specify all A1’s. Hey, I’m serious. I’ve got latent manifesting powers okay. I pictured the scene of 10A’s in my results slip in my mind for a few months. Before you know it, walah! Ever heard of the law of Attraction?

Best of all, I didn’t need to study my ass off to get straight A’s. Just half-ass. And no tuition! Also, I finally got my first ever A in add maths in the history of my awful, past add maths results.

So here are my results:

Malay Language – A1

English Language – A1

Moral Studies – A2

History – A1

Mathematics – A1

Additional Mathematics – A2 …woot!

Chemistry – A2

Physics – A2

Biology – A2

EST – A1

I know, I know. My science results booboo la. No matter, it’s still an A.

The SPM results this year in ACS Kampar is significantly better than last year’s. There were altogether 8 pelajar cemerlangs. 8 or 9 A’s and above. Not bad for a form of only 4 classes. Excluding me they were:

  1. Tham Weng Lik – This guy’s the top of the top wei. 12 A’s. Continue to be flexible.
  2. Wong Joo Fei – Mr Maths Genuis didn’t even come! What la.
  3. Lam Si Lone – Let’s just hope his height will catch up with his SPM results for the better good of mankind. LOL.
  4. Chang Tak Wai – This one memang dapat punya. No need to think.
  5. Rohan – This guy always act cool one, like yoyoyo-fun-and-girls-first-studies-second. But deep down, total nerd la. HAHA
  6. Lee Suet Mun – Top girl student! Tokoh Pelajar 2009! Wah seh!
  7. Jessica Yip – …uh…another very smart student. Haha…I don’t really know her well enough to comment.

When Sook Ning and I were leaving the hall, we passed by our BM teacher, Cikgu Zaiton, without saying a thing. Then she was like “Eh, tak ucap cikgu ke?” Damn. I felt really bad. Dude, I got an A1 because of her. So we thanked her fervently. I wanted to say something more than thanks but I didn’t know how. What else was there to say?

There were times where I had my private grudges against her but deep down, I’m very thankful to have her as my BM teacher. She taught me very, very well. Too bad I didn’t buy her anything as a token of appreciation.

To celebrate the joyous occasion (ahem), Sook Ning and I hopped on a bus to Ipoh Parade. Primary mission: find a pair of heels that Sook Ning was eyeing ever since I don’t know when.

I think we browsed 80% of all the clothes shops in Parade, as in actually going into the shop and leafing through the clothes and stuff. After shopping (or more like window shopping) till we dropped, we went to a karaoke box. Yay! My very first time! It was fun. The service was real nice and they served tidbits and drinks catered for 4 people. So we had twice the amount to eat and drink! Actually, I ate most of the snacks. Waittaminute, that’s not right. I ate all the snacks. Yup, that’s more like it.

We also sang ourselves hoarse for 2 and a half hours non-stop. Fun leh. I did most of the screaming cause if I didn’t, my voice would be drowned by Sook Ning’s voice. We came back at night (duh, yuh…).

Oh, and Sook Ning never found the type of heels she was looking for. Better luck next time. But other than that, I’m up for another bout of karaoke anytime. Hehehe…

Hey, hey, hey. I’ve been posted at Kem Tegas Mesra, Selama for National Service! Hip, hip, hurray!



I’ve no idea where Selama is.

All I know is that it’s nestled among some pekans and it’s about a 2 and a half hour journey from my place. Oh, and one of my classmates is also posted at the same place!

And for all 2008 SPM students; the results are going to be out on the 12th of March which is next Thursday. That’s approximately one week away from NS.

Oh my gawd…I don’t know what to expect this time. I hope I don’t faint or something when receiving my SPM result slip. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god… I just love saying that

Here’s the strategy though, I’m going to take the result slip, fold it up and scream my lungs out before looking at my results. It’s a kind of psychology thing to brace myself up before the  oncoming shock. What’s your strategy? Whatever it is, good luck!

Actually, I’m really excited this year to tell the truth. Life was kinda dormant lately but I think it’s gonna get pretty thrilling.  Oh boy, oh boy!

Especially since I’m at the brink of entering the real, independent, challenging world. I can finally take charge of life!!! RAWR!!!

Okay…that was totally uncalled for.

On another note, I’ve finally bought a bottle of sunblock, the Biore UV Perfect Face Milk SPF 50 ++! Yay me! I’ve read a fat load of rave reviews about it in the Malaysian Babes forum and a lot of girls are fans of it. It seems Sunplay and Biore are one the best brands of sunblock in the market. Best of all, they’re very reasonably priced.

I can’t wait to try it! After I’ve given it a go, I’ll be writing a review about it. So stay tuned.

You know the best thing about my purchase? The original price was RM24.90, but I bought it for only RM16.50! I love Guardian’s Great Sale. Muah, muah!

For those of you who don’t know, Bata is having a mega sale! Best thing is this sale is not the 3-day special kind of sale on only a selected range of shoes. Instead, this sale goes on for a whole month (March) on a very broad variety of shoes.

In case you didn’t know, my old pair of pink sports shoes was so badly battered during the Melaka MSSM chess competition last year, I threw it away there and then before coming back to Perak. And ever since then, I have been shoes-less. Well, at least until the Bata sales started.

On Sunday, I went to Tesco Bata and my eyes fell on 3 lovely pairs of assorted pink srtiped shoes (I have a fetish for pink, I know) but in different designs, 30% off. After cutting down my selection to 2 pairs of shoes, I think I spent about 20 minutes deciding which of the 2 to choose. It was either the pink and white or the pink and grey. See my dilemma? My sister was bored and the sales person was bored. And I was bored. No la, kidding. I was enjoying the state of indecisiveness. What was a perfectionista like me to do? It was hard to choose. Very hard.  

In the end, I chose the pink and grey one because it was slightly more expensive than the pink and white one. More expensive means better quality what. Anyway, I’m very happy with the choice I made. It’s a Power brand. Although it’s not Nike or Adidas or whatever, it’s good enough for me. The shoes were light enough, and the sole is arrow headed designed which “maximises the grip against heavy forces and yada, yada, yada”. So long as it looks nice, all’s fine.

The original price of the shoes was RM60. 30% off and I only had to pay RM42! That’s a steal man. I love my shoes! And I love Bata Sales! Discounts are at 30%, 50% and even 70% off. So what are you waiting for? Go buy a pair before the month ends!

One more thing. Have you heard that Guardian is having another month long mega sale? I’ve always thought of buying sunblock for National Service. I don’t do the buy sun block thing but neither do I fancy coming back from National Service looking like an over riped papaya. So a few weeks ago, I checked out the original prices of sunblocks and one small bottle of, let’s say 40ml, is a freaking RM29 ++! How come sunblocks so damn expensive one?


Anyway, good thing Guardian is having this sale and has cut down a lot of prices. I’ve set my eyes on a Biore bottle with an SPF of 25++ now only at 19.90 after a 15% discount! Not bad eh? I haven’t bought it yet though. There are so many types of brands like Banana Boat, Biore (duh), Sunplay etc. Because I’m not really an expert on sunblocks, I’m gonna do a search to see which one is most suitable first before I buy anything. I sound so kiasu hor? What to do? I want the best value for my money. 

My rule of my thumb: If you’re on a budget, try your best not to buy retail. Wait for sales and you’ll find it much easier to fork out your cash.

My mother just gave birth today (19th February) and I’ve got a new sister! Yippee!!

Aahh… I love my family…

You know what? For a few nights, I had dreams that the baby would be a girl. Although many signs pointed to a boy (pointy tummy etc.), it did turn out to be a girl! Told you I’m psychic.

Oh, and guess where my mum delivered? In the ambulance! Lots happened today because there were certain “complications”. Drama, people! We were all quite worried for a while. I won’t bother you with the details but everything went well in the end. My mother looked quite strong when we were visiting her.

And the baby is so cute! She looked so calm and oblivious to the world around her. For a baby, she’s pretty heavy too. 3.75 kg! The heaviest of all us kids. I was the second heaviest weighing in at 3.5 kg.We haven’t thought of the baby’s name yet though.

All I can say is, this baby’s the next most exciting delivery after me (I was the first child, so my family had every right to be hyped up…lol). I’ve got 3 sisters now! Omigosh…I’m so excited! I can’t wait for my mother to be discharged from the hospital already.

Although it’s thrilling to have a new family member, I hope this would be my parents’ last child. I mean, I’m 18 years apart from her! Anymore brothers or sisters, and they might just call me auntie. Gosh…I’ve got a mission to stay young (ahem) so that I won’t be mistaken as the mother of some of my siblings. 

Now this family has 6 kids altogether. 4 girls, 2 boys. We’re one heck of a tribe! Anyone else care to join? Hehe…At times like these, I just love my big family!

Oh shucks… I don’t have a camera. Too bad I can’t take pictures of the baby.

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