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Today i went surfing for cake pics cuz i was craving for something sweet. Then out of the blue, something pretty caught my eye. Heavenly gorgeous cupcakes! They are just soooo cute! =) I could go on the whole day just praising these sweet little thangs…

Aren’t they beautiful? I officially want for my wedding a cake ala cupcake style =)

On another note, MSSPK Final Selection is NOT today. It might be next week or tomorrow for all i know, but what i do know is that if it’s next week, that means i’ve got to sit for exams this week! Noooooo!! I haven’t studied yet. For sure 100% i’ll drop significantly in class. sigh…

Anway, exams today were alright…i guess. I wrote some corny essay for english paper and i hantam nearly half of my sejarah paper. Shit. Tomorrow got maths and sejarah…again. I’m beginning to really really really hate studying.

 Oh! How could i forget to mention? Today’s my dear ma’s BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA! Since we couldn’t get her a real cake, she’ll just have to be satisfied with a virtual cake. hehehe…

Ma LURVES chocolate, so here’s something she can salivate on…hahahahaha!



Yesterday was like a total total surprise. Ok it all went like this:

My public speaking competition was yesterday and i was completely NOT prepared. Ok, maybe i was…a little la. But then i was gonna do it in point form. Like i had to elaborate the points on stage. And at that time i surrendered everything to god and wether i slip, stammer, fall or faint on stage i just didn’t care. Or did i?

So it was held at St Bernadette’s, a pretty nice school…. next to a cemetery. Very good “fengshui”.

So, I signed up and got my number. Btw, when i was signing up i took a look at the  topics of other competitors. And they all went something like, science and technology, politics, friends, courtesy and such like. Then i glanced down at my topic…. Harry Potter. sigh…why am i soo good at being weird?

Anyway the hall was decorated and there was a hee-uge audience. And the stage was so big. I was like “say wha ?!!Sir, is it too late to quit now?”

I looked around and everybody were memorising their texts. Then i looked down at my own scanty points scribbled on a piece of paper……………….. heave ho. Then the first participant started her speech. Fuyo, the way she presented a speech semacam nak lakonkan Romeo and Juliet.

i don’t know for some reason or another, although i was like lub dub lub dub, i didn’t feel anything more than that.

My and my friend were laughing the whole time hitting, pinching, kicking, screaming and biting each other when suddenly they called my name. wtf. I rushed on stage, blabbered how i usually blabber at home, came down and continued my fighting with my friend.

Then it was time for the impromptu speech where you’re required to make a speech on the spot. Ok not exactly on the spot but you’re given 4 minutes to prepare and then talk for 3 minutes. Well, no problemo. I mean i’m known for talking alot. So, I went on stage and talked so fast for at least 2 and a half minutes straight without pausing that i doubt wether the judges even caught what i was saying.

So then came at long last the prize giving. And i was soo completely sure i would not get anything. And i was tugging everyone asking wether there were any consolation prizes. But theenn, i was unexpectedly announced as…..jeng jeng jeng jeng…the Champion!!!

I was like Please don’t let this be a dream please don’t let this be a dream..and phew, it wasn’t a dream.=)))

So i was happy for the rest of the day and the end =)

Oh anyway today i slipped and knocked my head when trying to act clever/stupid during badminton today.

Pics from PS competition:

The Stage

The hall. It was lunch break.

The cemetery.

Hemalata. The second hemalata i know of.

 Elly. Dunno how to spell her name.

Me and bakal isteri kepada *ahem*

Anil. The third anil i know of.

School was…very mafan to write la… Anyway i went back early today cuz not feeling well

actually because i don’t wanna stay back for coco..kakaka…but seriously la, i didn’t feel well too


On a different note, tomorrow i ada public speaking competition la wei…damn. Dah la i’m not even confident in my prepared speech. Next time i don’t want to enter la. So annoying.

And the worst part is choosing a topic. Bladdy hell. I think i spent probably about 90% of the time trying to figure out what topic to choose from. In the end i settled for Harry Potter. Cuz i’ve like, got all the information inside me brain. haha…I mean it’s not like i’m expecting to win kan?


Anyways….today ma and me made egg tarts. Cuz i like, pestered her yesterday to buy the ingredients. kekekeke…

Here are some pics. I know it doesnt look professional, but it does taste good…and it saves a ton of money too =)



Woked up to a freeeeezing, dewy morning. No joking. The sky was like totally white and the  mountains were enveloped in clouds of mist. The cold, strong wind brushing my face made me feel like i was in Korea or something.

Everything felt  so much more serene and beautiful walking to school today. Not that the cold weather was bothering me. I reeaaally could get use this this climate, no problem =)

 Has anybody wondered lately about the raining patterns nowadays? Its been like raining everyday although its not the raining season yet. Shift of the axis you reckon?

Continuing my story, i arrived at school and sat for all 4 papers. Don’t ask me how i did. School was ok.

Back home, i chanced upon the camera on the table fully charged and everything so i couldn’t resist taking a few shots.

Boredom killers and all time favourites:





 And of course not forgetting me!


-Cya Toots!-

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