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Yay! Finally I get to meet my chess friends. It’s been about a year since I last saw them. So here’s how the story went.

I arrived at Unit Sukan at about 10 a.m. Luckily, my friends were already waiting eagerly for me (ahem…LOL). So I was like AAAAHHHH….HI!!!! to Siew Ting and Jia Minn and we were like group hugging when I started wondering where Kay Lynn was.

Then I noticed a new face there. She looked like those Chinese girls very xiao jie and mei mei one. I thought she was another new comer who qualified for MSSPK. Just as I was going to ask her “Hi, what’s your name?” when suddenly…..wtf!! You’re Kay Lynn?!?!?!

ROTFL…!!! I didn’t know what had gotten into me. I was still picturing her with specs on. At that time, I thought she looked so different but at closer inspection, she actually looks the same la. Whada hell man. Sorry ah Kay Lynn didn’t recognize you. But damn funny wei.

So we played double-chess, stupid-chess (and yes, it was immensely stupid), saw disgustingly grosteque videos (Jia Minn was laughing her head away … she’s so seriously sick la) and crapped away when Kay Lynn had to go back for her music lessons. Wei, ma’am, you ada piano, swimming, karate, chess, violin, guitar, drums, singing, acting, wushu, ballet, taekwondo, gymnastics, basketball…cukup la. The multi-talented Miss Chan. LOL…!!!

Lawrence the Great finally came right after Kay Lynn left. Perfect timing. Spot on. See, sleep late somemore la.

After that, Siew Ting, Jia Minn and I took hilariously stupid pictures. Jia Minn looked like a dead fish while Siew Ting looked like she just melepaskan another Hiroshima bomb. LOL!! I was the only one who appeared normal (liar, liar pants on fire). The only person who maintained her virtuos upbringing was none other than Christine the Holy One.

Then we went to the girls’ room and we discovered about Siew Ting and her pure….HAHAHAHAHA!!! And we also found out the origin of Siew Ting in the history of Hiroshima… and her incredibly deadly fart.

And Jia Minn the Fish contributed greatly to the discovery of how fishes evolved to become … Jia Minn herself. Okay, I made that up la. Hey, it’s true what. Oh, and Jia Minn the Fish broke her jaw…on purpose. Damn sick man.

Also, I gave out my secret on how I won MSSM last year. It has to do with Siew Ting’s special powers from her pure…HAHAHAHAHA!!!

For those of you who don’t know us, you’ll be lost by now. I’m betting you don’t know head or tail to what I’m telling. So to end your misery, I’ll skip all the other details and go straight to the conclusion. Kesimpulannya, we had a sickening blast of a time! It was sweeettt…!! I hope we’ll be able to come together again in the near future. Really do!


STPM Results out today! Woohoo! Hehehe…

Good Luck to all STPM 2008 candidates!

Another 2 more days and it’s gonna be my turn. Yipay!

There’s only 2 ways to react to the news anyway. Cry or laugh. So I’ll take the latter.


I lost my bicycle keys! Boohoohoo…!  This is atrocious! How by the mighty beard of Thor can the keys go missing?

Do you know what cycling means to me? It’s the life and soul of…of… my life!

Last Sunday, after our usual bout of cycling, my sister placed the keys at its usual place on the altar. The next day, we decided to go cycling again but the keys weren’t on the altar! We searched and searched and searched but to no avail.


So cannot go la. My mom told me that’ll appear if I just stop trying to find it. It’s hidden for some reason. Okay la. I mean, that’s fair enough since some of my things last time did go missing but reappeared later.

The next morning which is today, I got up early and started my search again. I made sure I searched every nook and corner of the house. But still, the key evaded me! Grrr…!! I even questioned my sister to see whether she was lying about the keys. But she skillfully proved that she was innocent by using her I’m-gonna-cry tactic.

I’m so not Conan the detective. But it’s strange that the key can just go missing so suddenly.

I think there’s spirits in this house that’s playing with me. I mentally gave in and asked them to stop with their games. But they wouldn’t listen to me! So bad hor?

But being stubborn, I still insisted on going out cycling so I went out to buy a new bicycle lock. Nyeh nyeh..

This time, I’m gonna make sure I’ll keep the key at a safe, safe, very safe place. If I had a camera, I’ll take pictures of it as proof of the place I kept it.

Moral of the story is: I’m very happy I bought a new bicycle lock. Yay! Can go bicycling!

I can’t believe my brother even had the nerve to tell my friend that I sleep and eat like a pig all day! Grrr… who’s the one who has to do all the freaking chores huh?

Let me tell you about my day today.

I woke in the morning (duh), folded a mountain of clothes (8 people’s clothing + my siblings clothing from their chess trip), mopped downstairs, did other miscellaneous chores and helped my mother with the baby.

Afterwards, it rained. So I had to push in the clothes. Then it stopped. I pushed out the clothes. Then it freaking rained again! Omigosh … is somebody up there trying to punish me?

Later, my dad took my baby sister out for a walk. The toddler of the house (my second sister) naturally wanted to follow. Okay, so follow la. While I was having breakfast, I heard my second sister’s oh-so-common cries at the back of the house. She was having one of her hysterical tantrum-throwing sessions again.

That session lasted for a good one hour plus. Along with it, was my baby sister’s crying, crying from the children in the back house (those kids there always cry…god knows why), shouts from the kids’ mother and the siren of the ambulance outside. It was chaos!

I couldn’t even give my sister a piece of my mind, least my dad would give me a piece of his mind. At last my mom told off my sister with her all mighty mother powers. A few whimpers and lectures later, everything settled down.

Aaah…the beautiful sound of silence. You’ve got to experience total chaos before appreaciating peace ya’ know.

Now, it’s 1.08 PM and I just received a letter from my aunt in Singapore. Afterwards, I’m going down to make my own lunch. Normally, during the second half of the day, I’d be cooped up with a good book or at the computer if I have something to write about (pc games bore me already). Or snack. Okay, okay. So I do tend to overindulge a lil’ bit. Is that a crime?

Usually, it’s in the morning which is the busiest time of the day. And in some cases, at night, when the whole big family is together.

So the purpose of this post is to refute my brother’s claims of me being a pig at home. Haha…haha… Case closed.


Aww, man… why am I squeezing the clothes 3 times a day?? I’m tired. Bone-tired.



I think my eyesight is deterioting. Correct spelling right? And i’ve got to eat more carrots. And i can’t put ads on my blog because i need to upgrade the don’t know what and it needs money and i’m penniless.

And i want MAC make up!

What to write ah…

oh ya.

Protein is converted to chains of polypeptides by the enzyme pepsin in the stomach. Then afterwards in the duodenum, converted pulak to peptides by trypsin. Then in the ileum i think, peptides to amino acids by erepsin.

And candi ialah monumen keagamaan bagi agama Hindu dan Buddha dan berperanan sebagai rumah ibadat, tempat menyimpan abu jenazah raja dan keluarganya serta tempat menyimpan patung dewa utama.

Don’t you hate me now?


One more thing, yesterday i was called to make a sudden speech during assembly. And no, not because i was punished but because i won the public speaking competition. So that ruined everything. I didn’t want to give the prepared speech like the one i gave in the PS competition cuz it was not good. I gained the marks in another speech. So why the teacher ask me to go up and present my horrible speech la? why la… So stupid la…

Anyways, school was alright today. And exams are next week and yay i’ll be skipping the first day of exams to go for msspk. So excited. Yay yay.

I know this post is totally random. Because i tak tau nak tulis apa.

Nuff’ said



I am sooo busy. I guess i got my wish fullfilled. Me and my wishes and my mouth….sigh

I’ve got to prepare a speech, find info on debate, finish my moral project, buck up on my studies, do my PEKAs, study chess (le sigh), house chores, and the list goes on and on and on and on and on…

AND middle year exams are only a month away! And form 4 syllabus?

Ok…i sound like cinderella. A more intellectual version. And to think i couldn’t get more naive.

I’d like to talk about physics now.


Ok, nvm tat the subject is averagely tough, but for the teacher to make it like studying form 6 physics? Gawd.

You wanna know how he teaches? Just uttering 2 sentences can make my lil sis fall flat on her face snoring away.

Our physics sir is always going something like this

“The plasma ball………………is a……….ball charged with…………………electric charge…………………a globe…….which is…………….which can………….be……..if generated……..by a Van de Graff generator…………it will produce…..or generate if you like………………..wat was i going to say again……………………….ok, i want all………..of you to ……solve this problem………”

And the class would all go like “……” or zzzzzzzz or some “wat the &^%$ ?!”


We’re budak sekolah la.

Can’t the teacher speak in…more……..complete…….sentences?

 Dah la cikgu physics pengetua kita pulak. oops

Phew, after sooo many hours learning WordPress blogging, i finally managed to figure it out at last. And it’d better be worth my dark circles.

And Joofei, you better tabik me wei. haha.


I’ve always wanted to find another blog hosting thingy cuz Blogger was boring me out and cuz i never got the hang of switching blogskins there. So then i went blog-host hunting and i found WordPress blogging. Then i thought i very smart, dapat cari this WordPress with all the widgets and everything so i was bragging to my mum, but then my mum was like “Now only you know ah?”

sigh…why am i so ketinggalan zaman and when will i ever learn to keep my mouth shut?

This blog had better hold out and pray that i don’t have to put in on “private”……again.


Anyway tomorrow back to school with chem, physics, est and moral exams. And i haven’t exactly been studying for the last 3 days so don’t say that i’m sure to score in those papers.

 I’ve got alot more ranting to do but i’ll leave them for another day cuz i’ve been on the computer for the past 5 hours and i’m tired and i’ve got writer’s block.

So hereby ends my first post for this blog =)

-Cya toots!-

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