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Hey guys!

Internet connection here sucks to the max. It’s taking forever to upload 2 bloody pics! And I can’t even get into friendster.

It’s either wordpress that’s really slow or this stupid computer. Sometimes, i can’t even log into wordpress. Mind you, I’m at cc. So, sorry, i can’t seem to be able to post my NS pics here. Maybe next time when things get smoother i’ll post them up. There’s a hell lot of pictures, so things had better get a hell lot smoother (like silk).

Anyway, like the title of this post says, I’m moving back to blogger for good. Yeah! I find blogger faster than wordpress. My new blog looks a little plain right now but I’ll be touching it up as time goes by. The name’s  Milk n’ Chess. Other reasons can be found in my new blog.

Click here to go to my new blog.

See ya guys there!


Thanks for the baby wishes friends!


You know one thing that’s cool when your mother just gave birth? Phoncalls day in, day out from well-wishers and receiving lots of “baby gifts” from relatives. Makes us feel important ya’ know. heehee…

Anyway, my aunt and cousin from KL visited us two days ago to give well-wishes to my mum and the new baby. Yay! It was a fun-filled day especially since my mother was discharged from the hospital on that day too.

We had a really good time together. It’s been some time since I saw my aunt and cousin, so I really enjoyed the visit. All of us had a blast.

While the adults discussed incomprehensible topics of the adult world, the younger bunch scooted off upstairs to the “play area”. We attempted splits, handstand, bridges and cartwheels resulting in bangs, thuds and crashes (and also a few cries of agony). The whole floor shook so much that the adults might have thought there was a herd of cows upstairs. There were also a few torn muscles afterwards … kidding.

We then played blinfold, albeit having 4 teenagers in the group, subsequently uprooting pillows and blankets in the boys’ room. I pity my brothers though. Unless they cleaned up their room (which I highly doubt it), they probably slept on beds with dozens of black footprints (we didn’t wash our feet after dinner) and splatters of sweat. LOL…

Then all of us (my brothers especially) did comical impersonations of movie star. We were clowns for the night. We shared sick jokes too. Here’s one hilariously sick chinese joke:

One day, a small boy was bathing with his mother, presumably in a river.

“Mama, na ge shi shen me?” asks the boy.
(Mother, what is that?)

“Na ge shi ping guo,” replies the mother.
(That’s an apple)

The following day, the boy goes bathing with his dad.

“Papa, na ge shi shen me?” the boy asks again.
(Dad, what is that?)

 “Na ge shi chong,” answers the father.
(That’s a worm)

The next night, the small boy couldn’t sleep because he was distracted by certain noises from his parents’ room. So he opened their bedroom door and saw a sight in which he exclaimed, “Papa de chong zai chi mama de ping guo!”(Dad’s worm is eating Mom’s apple!) Get it?? ROTFL!!!

Luckily my 10 year old sister was sleeping by then. I suppose during the sick jokes session, she didn’t understand half the things we were telling. Good thing too. She’s way too young to figure out the metaphors of the jokes.

Anyway, we all had one thing in mind that night. Sleep as late as we could. How did we fare?

12 midnight and we were all burnt out. The moment I hit the bed, I was off like a light. I suppose the Fong blood-line has a built-in “sleep early” chip embedded into our motherbrain. I mean, it was 11.58 pm and I felt like it was already 2 am.

The next day, Sims 2 and racing games dominated the whole morning. (Brunch time actually. We woke up pretty late.) My cousin is seriously obsessed about Sims 2. She wouldn’t budge from the computer until they had to go back to KL which was a few hours later.

Anyway, my grandpa and my other aunt are visiting us next month! Yay! I can’t wait to meet my grandfather. Right now, the whole family is relishing the newcomer. Slurp, smack! Hehehe…


My mother just gave birth today (19th February) and I’ve got a new sister! Yippee!!

Aahh… I love my family…

You know what? For a few nights, I had dreams that the baby would be a girl. Although many signs pointed to a boy (pointy tummy etc.), it did turn out to be a girl! Told you I’m psychic.

Oh, and guess where my mum delivered? In the ambulance! Lots happened today because there were certain “complications”. Drama, people! We were all quite worried for a while. I won’t bother you with the details but everything went well in the end. My mother looked quite strong when we were visiting her.

And the baby is so cute! She looked so calm and oblivious to the world around her. For a baby, she’s pretty heavy too. 3.75 kg! The heaviest of all us kids. I was the second heaviest weighing in at 3.5 kg.We haven’t thought of the baby’s name yet though.

All I can say is, this baby’s the next most exciting delivery after me (I was the first child, so my family had every right to be hyped up…lol). I’ve got 3 sisters now! Omigosh…I’m so excited! I can’t wait for my mother to be discharged from the hospital already.

Although it’s thrilling to have a new family member, I hope this would be my parents’ last child. I mean, I’m 18 years apart from her! Anymore brothers or sisters, and they might just call me auntie. Gosh…I’ve got a mission to stay young (ahem) so that I won’t be mistaken as the mother of some of my siblings. 

Now this family has 6 kids altogether. 4 girls, 2 boys. We’re one heck of a tribe! Anyone else care to join? Hehe…At times like these, I just love my big family!

Oh shucks… I don’t have a camera. Too bad I can’t take pictures of the baby.

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Oh…my…gawd. Internet here is so s-l-o-w.

My brothers and sister just came back from the MSSPK competition today and I’m here to publish whatever findings I could wheedle out from my totally uncooperative siblings. I didn’t go there because I’m already a high school graduate so I can’t play (duh). Also, Pengkalan Hulu is friggin’ far from Kampar and my mother was having contractions every 10 minutes or so (signs of going to giving birth in case you didn’t know). Clearly my dad couldn’t go too (although I knew he wanted to…haha).

MSSPK for Perak this year was held in Pengkalan Hulu from the 15th to the 18th of February 2009. Four days of pure bliss with friends away from school I might add.

As far as I know, Kinta Selatan (my area) managed to clinch a pretty good place to stay. “Rumah rehat” would be how Yit Ho puts it. First thing that came to my mind were highway toilets. Eewww… But don’t worry. The Kinta Selatan team didn’t end up sleeping in toilets. It’s a kind of chalet or whatever. Anyway, according to him, the rooms were pretty satisfactory. At the very least, the place they slept was much more tolerable than some of the other teams. The food was bland though. Curry day in, day out. I pity those who cannot stand spiciness.

I tried my very best to squeeze the final results out of my siblings. Not easy mind you.

Anyway, these are the only names my hopeless brothers can remember. Thanks a lot! And thanks for the additional info too, Kay Lynn.

 U18 Boys

     1. Mark Siew
     2. Fong Yit Ho
     3. Eng Choon Guan
     4. Azzam
     5. Aderrence
     6. Chan Wei Minh

 U15 Boys

  1. Fong Yit San
  2. Ee Kong Yun
  3. Chong Kar Guan
  4. Azman
  5. Hafizi

 U18 Girls

  1. Munirah
  2. Wong Siew Ting
  3. Jia Minn
  4. Lina
  5. Christine
  6. Puteri Fariza

 U12 Girls

     1. Aina
   18. Fong Mi Lyn 

Congrats to the champions and the qualifiers! Try your best in the upcoming selection! And do make sure you savour every moment now. Once you leave school, you won’t have the chance to play chess for school anymore. 

On the 4th of March till the 13th, Perak will be holding its final selection and training. If the training venue does not change (its currently decided to be held at Ipoh), there’s a possibility that I’ll go. I hope so! I won’t be able to see my friends for at least 3 whole months because of NS, so I better damn well be there.

p.s.: I know the final list is seriously incomplete. Sorry! I wasn’t there first hand to get the results.

Hey guys! Good news!

I’ll be able to update more regularly so I suppose I’ll be giving this site more attention before changing to another better site. The new site will probably be up and ready next year.

Oh my god. I’m such a super planner.

I suppose you’re wondering where on earth I’ve been for the past few months. Alright, alright, I’ll speak.

Actually, I haven’t been anywhere. It’s just that I didn’t have internet connection for some reason or another. Don’t ask. I don’t know how to answer that.

Moving on to what I did during my “summer holidays”, I was basically planning the whole big bad scheme of my life to take over the world. I’m already planning to write a best-selling book about my life story. No biggie.

Other than that, on more petty levels, because I’m so busy planning to take over the world, I had no time to think of getting a part-time job. Therefore, I don’t have a job. And I don’t need the job although I do need cash. But if I had a job, I’d have no time. So as you can see, I’m busy self-sabotaging myself.

I’ve also been flipping through piles and piles of godforsaken newspapers looking for potential college courses. Instead of being a little more enlightened, I’m as confused as ever. I’m just baffled, perplexed … how, for the sake of Merlin’s beard, do students manage to decide on what course to take? What if I wanted to take 2 or more courses?

Currently, I’m interested in computer science, information technology, and bussiness management. I’ve heard it’s possible to take 2 degrees, but what if they’re in 2 completely different fields of study? See my dilemma now?

On more earthly matters, my brothers and sister are now playing MSSPK chess in Pengkalan Hulu. All my chess friends together with “Kay Lynn the busybody” are there too. Omigosh… how I wish I could be there. My reasons for being unable to go are private and confidental, especially not for the faint hearted. Anyway, I can’t wait for Kay Lynn to call me. It seems she wants to tell me something important that has to do with my great scheme of life.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m immensely enjoying the wonderful boredom of life. I can just sit down and twiddle my toes all day long. Do you know how joyful that experience can be? Twiddle, twiddle, twiddle…aahh…

On the other end of the story, I’m immensely enjoying the sweat of my own hard labor. In other words, busy doing my chores. I’ve noticed my skin is still soft after all those errands. Hurray for me …

So as you can see, I desperately need something substantial to write about. But I think after my SPM results are out, I’d have tons to write about because that’s when the dawn of my new “young adult” stage will finally commence. I’ll have so much to do and so much to write, you’ll never hear of me twiddling my toes again. 

Oh yeah, my mum hasn’t given birth yet. When oh when is she going to pop? Too bad my camera was drowned by my 3-year old sister. If it were still alive, my blog would be jam-packed with pictures. And you would be able to see how my new sibling will look like! After National Service, I might get a new camera. We’ll see.

Anyway, I think by the time I write the next post, I’ll have a new sibling by then.


P.s.: I’m terribly sorry for writing a ridiculous post like this. In dire situations, you’ve just got to whip something out of nothing.

Boo! Hahahaha…

I’m back, although for a brief moment. I’m quite fine and enjoying these few months before going bck to studying. Fast updates on my life:

  1. My mum’s going to give birth in a few days time!! I can’t wait to see my new sibling!
  2. I’ve got back my school magazine. It’s hilariously silly in a way. As i flipped through the pages, the faces of comittee members of clubs were mostly all the same! It’s like the magazine is only dedicated to that group of people. I suppose that’s how it is in a small school.
  3. I’m going for NS in a months time! yippee! Anybody here who’s in the second batch? Any idea how you’re going to go for scholarship interviews held during your ns stint?

uh…i suppose that’s it. Pretty pathetic eh?

Oh…for those going for MSSPK (siewting, jia min, maisarah, my bros, the guys etc.) GOOD LUCK!

To the ex-MSSPK team last year (kaykay, lawrence, firdaus etc.)…what to do..we’re old hags. LOL. kidding.

Alright, signing off! Try not to miss me! haha

30 more days…!!!


haven’t been writing for quite a while because i get writer’s block everytime i try to write. that and also because spm is, refer to the above, exactly one month away. *sighs*

oh, and pmr is tomorrow. HAHAHA. serves my brother right. before this, always slacking. see, slack some more la.

so, i’ve gotten my trial results back. aanndd….it was pretty okay. better than my mid-year results which was outright embarassing. so i’m contemplating wether to publish my okay tiral results out here or not. what’s stopping me is my add maths results. and bio. T_T  aiya, what the heck la..

results im satisfied with:

  • bahasa melayu-a1. my class has this one bm expert. he’s like really damn good in malay although he’s a chinese, not to mention pelajar kesayangan cikgu bm. lol. but i beat him by 1% in paper 2! *so proud* but overall, he beat me in the whole paper la. …im so pathetic…
  • bahasa ingerris-a1. no comment
  • sejarah-a1. haha. this one was a shocker cuz i like, totally wrecked my paper 1.
  • maths-a1. the paper was pretty easy.
  • chemistry-a2. O-M-G. first time i actually got a2 in my entire chemistry life! seriously.
  • physics-a2. OMG too. my estatic reaction shows how academically DECLINED i was before, in my science subjects.
  • English for science and technology-a1. no comment

Now for my poor results (must i do this?):

  • biology- b4…or was it b3? boooohooooo…!! for your kind information, bio is one of my favourite subjects.  paper 1 and 3 were just bad.
  • moral-b3. sighs. i was never good in moral. im still blur on the format.
  • add maths- private and confidential. you wanna know you ask me privately la, kay? i don’t want to display my stupidity here.

7As, 2B and 1private and confidential.  but i didn’t fail it la. not that stupid. haha.

anyway, yesterday went to the temple….again. but good thing yesterday was the last day of the festival. phew. not to say i don’t like going to the temple. but go so many times banyak boring la wei.

after this post, i won’t be updating so frequently anymore (yea right, like i’ve been updating frequently). wanna study. buh-bye.

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