Celebrating Me

STPM Results out today! Woohoo! Hehehe…

Good Luck to all STPM 2008 candidates!

Another 2 more days and it’s gonna be my turn. Yipay!

There’s only 2 ways to react to the news anyway. Cry or laugh. So I’ll take the latter.


I lost my bicycle keys! Boohoohoo…!  This is atrocious! How by the mighty beard of Thor can the keys go missing?

Do you know what cycling means to me? It’s the life and soul of…of… my life!

Last Sunday, after our usual bout of cycling, my sister placed the keys at its usual place on the altar. The next day, we decided to go cycling again but the keys weren’t on the altar! We searched and searched and searched but to no avail.


So cannot go la. My mom told me that’ll appear if I just stop trying to find it. It’s hidden for some reason. Okay la. I mean, that’s fair enough since some of my things last time did go missing but reappeared later.

The next morning which is today, I got up early and started my search again. I made sure I searched every nook and corner of the house. But still, the key evaded me! Grrr…!! I even questioned my sister to see whether she was lying about the keys. But she skillfully proved that she was innocent by using her I’m-gonna-cry tactic.

I’m so not Conan the detective. But it’s strange that the key can just go missing so suddenly.

I think there’s spirits in this house that’s playing with me. I mentally gave in and asked them to stop with their games. But they wouldn’t listen to me! So bad hor?

But being stubborn, I still insisted on going out cycling so I went out to buy a new bicycle lock. Nyeh nyeh..

This time, I’m gonna make sure I’ll keep the key at a safe, safe, very safe place. If I had a camera, I’ll take pictures of it as proof of the place I kept it.

Moral of the story is: I’m very happy I bought a new bicycle lock. Yay! Can go bicycling!


Hey, hey, hey. I’ve been posted at Kem Tegas Mesra, Selama for National Service! Hip, hip, hurray!



I’ve no idea where Selama is.

All I know is that it’s nestled among some pekans and it’s about a 2 and a half hour journey from my place. Oh, and one of my classmates is also posted at the same place!

And for all 2008 SPM students; the results are going to be out on the 12th of March which is next Thursday. That’s approximately one week away from NS.

Oh my gawd…I don’t know what to expect this time. I hope I don’t faint or something when receiving my SPM result slip. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god… I just love saying that

Here’s the strategy though, I’m going to take the result slip, fold it up and scream my lungs out before looking at my results. It’s a kind of psychology thing to brace myself up before the  oncoming shock. What’s your strategy? Whatever it is, good luck!

Actually, I’m really excited this year to tell the truth. Life was kinda dormant lately but I think it’s gonna get pretty thrilling.  Oh boy, oh boy!

Especially since I’m at the brink of entering the real, independent, challenging world. I can finally take charge of life!!! RAWR!!!

Okay…that was totally uncalled for.

On another note, I’ve finally bought a bottle of sunblock, the Biore UV Perfect Face Milk SPF 50 ++! Yay me! I’ve read a fat load of rave reviews about it in the Malaysian Babes forum and a lot of girls are fans of it. It seems Sunplay and Biore are one the best brands of sunblock in the market. Best of all, they’re very reasonably priced.

I can’t wait to try it! After I’ve given it a go, I’ll be writing a review about it. So stay tuned.

You know the best thing about my purchase? The original price was RM24.90, but I bought it for only RM16.50! I love Guardian’s Great Sale. Muah, muah!

So let’s say you’ve decided to take the plunge and go green (as in go vegan). What can you expect from people? To start off with, once people know you’re a vegan chosen-as-a-lifestyle-and-freewill-choice, be prepared to be bombarded by heaps and bags of questions. I’m a vegan and I’ve been asked same questions over and over and over again by different people, I can practically recite the answers in my head.

So if you ever feel like converting to vegetarianism or being a vegetarian-for-a-week wether you want to lose weight, detoxify your body or just because your doctor asked you to, it’ll do you some good to read this post.

I’ve listed down some of the most common questions I often get posed with. These answers are based on my own views and isn’t the same for all vegans.

Don’t you feel any desire to eat meat?

As a matter of fact, no. Really, I don’t. So stop smirking. I was brought up since the day I was born, without meat. That’s why I don’t find it hard at all to resist meat dishes that surround me daily. Sometimes (as in very seldom) I do feel the urge to eat meat, but that’s mainly out of curiosity.

Anyway if I ate meat that just means more animals around the world being tortured in the most malicious, cruel, nasty, shocking way with living conditions so horrific it would be much better if they were killed immediately. No biggie.

If you’re thinking of becoming a vegetarian after years of being brought up as a meat eater, then you’ll probably feel a gnawing, yearning, longing, craving  (I just love using adjectives) desire to eat meat for a very, very long time.

Just joking.

Actually, I don’t know. I suppose it depends on why you decided to turn vegetarian. If you really cared about animals and hated the fact that they have to be slaughtered to satisfy your tastebuds, then the desire to eat meat will be only temporary. But if you were forced to go vege because you had to get rid of that depressing roll of fat before Valentine’s Day, then obviously you’re not commited enough.

In any case, you’ll still need discipline and will power to break your old habit though. But it’ll be worthwhile.

But you’ll be lacking important nutrients found “only” in meat!

Believe it or not, these types of questions are usually posed by “smart”, “intellectual”, “brainy” people. I tell you what. If I were lacking in “important nutrients found only in meat, I’d be long dead by now. These so-called smart people abide by the book rules too much.

The most common deficiency vegetarians are said to “suffer” from is lack of protein. Well, I’d say that’s a load full of bullshit. Yeah, yeah, fish is one of the main sources of protein and yada, yada. But that’s just one source. Protein can be gotten from tofu, soya bean, tempeh, and etc. To know more about other sources of protein, look up wikipedia. I’m no nutritionist.

Another so-called deficiency is lack of iron. Some of my friends have proof that I lack iron at times. That’s because in the morning it’s so goddamn cold my hands and lips become pale (which indicates lack of haemoglobin, which means lack of iron). Another thing is maybe I didn’t eat as many vegetables as I’d like to the day before, so my iron store ran out of supply. For normal people, you’ve got your red meat, but for vegans, we depend a lot to get our daily iron intake from lots of green, leafy vegetables

Conclusion is, vegans are, in no way, deficit in anything. So get your facts right.

I pity you. Vegetarian food is so bland!

Well, if vegetarian food was that bland, I wouldn’t have trouble losing that extra few pounds at all!

And vegetarian food is nothing to be pitied about. The variety of vegetarian food is as wide as meat food nowadays. We’ve got vegetarian fish, vegetarian chicken, vegetarian sausages, vegetarian ham, vegetarian duck, etc. Basically anything that you can think of that’s meat, add the word “vegetarian” in front of it and there you have it! These fake “meat” foods not only look real, it taste really good too! And healthier than real meat too. But still, don’t go and overdose yourself with vegetarian meat if you don’t want to end up looking like a pumpkin. Vegans aren’t immune to looking like Santa Claus, you know.

But obviously, the best types of vegan food are obviously fresh fruits and vegetables and nuts. That’s a no-brainer.

What do you gain from being a vegetarian?

Everything! Just pick up any Vegetarian health book and it’ll list down all the pros of vegetarian food. And mind you, its one heck of a long list! It’s obvious isn’t it? A vegetarian diet nowadays is considered a cleansing, detoxifying diet targeting better health. Nowadays, more and more people are opting to go vegan. You can literally see it with the increasing numbers of vegetarian shops sprouting everywhere like button mushrooms.

I believe that when you eat good food, wether vegetarian or not, you’ll get a mental or physical boost or both. As you know, good food = fresh fruits/ vegetables/ wholesome nuts/grains = vegetarian food = mental/physical boost.

Quite contrary to some people’s belief, most vegetarians actually grow (physically) at a much higher rate. Not sideways mind you, but in height and muscle. Of course there are fat vegans. That’s because they eat more carbohydrates like lots of bread, cakes etc. than wholesome food. But I think most vegetarians wouldn’t end up obese or anything because at that stage, they’d already be very health-conscious. If not, why’d they even bother becoming a vegan?

Currently I don’t use any facial cleanser or whatever (secretly, I’m hoping to buy a skin serum with a ridiculously hefty price tag that’ll make my mom’s eyes’ pop right out of her sockets…heehee…) yet I think I have a pretty good complexion. Not amazingly polished and satiny, but smooth enough. What’s more, I’m using any normal bar of soap that’s totally considered a no-no in the skincare business as it’ll “dry your skin up”. I do get breakouts here and then, but I blame it on the junks I eat like cookies and chocolates and stuff like that. Hey, my mom opted for me to be a vegan. I still have the license to pig out. Hehehe…

And guess what? Before my mom turned vegetarian, her “adult height” was 158 cm (pretty short eh?), but after turning vegan, she actually grew a couple of inches taller! And she’s “supposed” to stop growing when she’s an adult! Of course everybody’s different and so the effects won’t be the same, but I sure am damn confident the results will be on the positive side of the health scale.

Do you like being known as a vegetarian?

Ideally, if I had it my way, I wouldn’t want anybody to know I’m a vegan. Know why? Because people are really annoying busybodies. Some people get so “concerned” about what I’m eating, that they’re literally poking and peering into my food with remarks such as “Wei, you sure this is vegetarian ah?”, “Let me taste your food first. I wanna check wether it’s vegetarian or not.”, “What?! You’re eating an egg?? OMG!! Noooo…!!!” I’m not saying everybody acts like this, but you know certain people.

On the other end of the scale, there’s the super nice people who’ll go out of their way to not eat meat in front of vegans. Personally, I don’t care whether you’re eating a snake in front of me or not (okay, that I do care). But seriously, it’s absolutely fine by me. I’m not going to be offended or anything.

I think you might be wondering why, by Merlin’s baggy ripped jeans, I’m writing this if I don’t want people knowing that I’m a vegan. That’s because chances are, you know me and you probably already know I’m vegan (in the past, I just loved telling the whole world I was a vegan). For those who don’t know me, well… good, let’s keep it that way. Kidding. I suppose I can’t forever keep a secret. Almost everyone who knows me will, at one point or another, find out I’m a vegan.

Some people scorn vegetarians. Once, during lunch, my dad’s colleague invited my family to have lunch with his family. Apparently, he looked down on our family’s vegan choice stating that by being a vegetarian, children can’t grow properly and they’ll have stunted mental growth. And he was showing off his fat son as a “properly nourished child”! My father tried not to snort but I nearly choked on my food then.

LOL, that’s the corniest piece of advice and no doubt corniest piece of evidence I’ve ever heard and seen! Oh well, you can’t blame them for being totally ignorant.

But the fact is when people think that vegetarians are undernourished and they try to talk you out of being vegan that means they really think that they’re doing you a favour. So just let them talk. I bet some of them don’t even know what a vegan is. Best advice is let them yap and watch their ego expand.


So there you go. Next time you ever meet another vegetarian or ever wonder how vegans can stand being, well…vegans, this is roughly how they think.

For those of you who don’t know, Bata is having a mega sale! Best thing is this sale is not the 3-day special kind of sale on only a selected range of shoes. Instead, this sale goes on for a whole month (March) on a very broad variety of shoes.

In case you didn’t know, my old pair of pink sports shoes was so badly battered during the Melaka MSSM chess competition last year, I threw it away there and then before coming back to Perak. And ever since then, I have been shoes-less. Well, at least until the Bata sales started.

On Sunday, I went to Tesco Bata and my eyes fell on 3 lovely pairs of assorted pink srtiped shoes (I have a fetish for pink, I know) but in different designs, 30% off. After cutting down my selection to 2 pairs of shoes, I think I spent about 20 minutes deciding which of the 2 to choose. It was either the pink and white or the pink and grey. See my dilemma? My sister was bored and the sales person was bored. And I was bored. No la, kidding. I was enjoying the state of indecisiveness. What was a perfectionista like me to do? It was hard to choose. Very hard.  

In the end, I chose the pink and grey one because it was slightly more expensive than the pink and white one. More expensive means better quality what. Anyway, I’m very happy with the choice I made. It’s a Power brand. Although it’s not Nike or Adidas or whatever, it’s good enough for me. The shoes were light enough, and the sole is arrow headed designed which “maximises the grip against heavy forces and yada, yada, yada”. So long as it looks nice, all’s fine.

The original price of the shoes was RM60. 30% off and I only had to pay RM42! That’s a steal man. I love my shoes! And I love Bata Sales! Discounts are at 30%, 50% and even 70% off. So what are you waiting for? Go buy a pair before the month ends!

One more thing. Have you heard that Guardian is having another month long mega sale? I’ve always thought of buying sunblock for National Service. I don’t do the buy sun block thing but neither do I fancy coming back from National Service looking like an over riped papaya. So a few weeks ago, I checked out the original prices of sunblocks and one small bottle of, let’s say 40ml, is a freaking RM29 ++! How come sunblocks so damn expensive one?


Anyway, good thing Guardian is having this sale and has cut down a lot of prices. I’ve set my eyes on a Biore bottle with an SPF of 25++ now only at 19.90 after a 15% discount! Not bad eh? I haven’t bought it yet though. There are so many types of brands like Banana Boat, Biore (duh), Sunplay etc. Because I’m not really an expert on sunblocks, I’m gonna do a search to see which one is most suitable first before I buy anything. I sound so kiasu hor? What to do? I want the best value for my money. 

My rule of my thumb: If you’re on a budget, try your best not to buy retail. Wait for sales and you’ll find it much easier to fork out your cash.

Being the good samaritan I am, I’ve decided to share with you some of the most terrifying moments of my life with the purpose of hoping  you guys learn from my mistakes. Please. Don’t thank me.

Okay, these stories not exactly the gruesome gruesome type with all the blood and gore. It’s another type of gruesomeness. Something like fear factor gruesomeness. Read on and you’ll know why. Keep in mind that these are true stories experienced first hand by me.

Here goes…

Story #1

When I was 16, I shifted to Kampar and found a new crave: Oreos! So I bought a packet of Oreos from Watsons and hid it in my room. I didn’t want my humongously huge number of siblings gobbling up my favorite type of cookie. I was really a sucker for Oreos last time and I’d always salivate over it before falling to sleep last time.

After I was certain that my siblings weren’t snooping around my room, I opened up the packet, plopped myself down on the bed, took out a book and munched on an Oreo cookie.

As I ate the cookie, some Oreo crumbs fell on the bed. I picked them up and ate them as they fell. After a few cookies later, I noticed a big piece of cookie crumb on the bed that I had missed out. So in it went into my mouth when suddenly, my tongue registered a peculiar taste from the crumb. It was crunchy alright, but it was quite tasteless and hard. I shrugged and continued munching it.

I spat it out after chewing half of it and to my horror, it was a freaking piece of rat shit!

Even more horrifying, I didn’t mind at all and ate the rest of it in one fell swoop!

Okay, okay, the last sentence was just a joke. ROTFL!!! I didn’t eat the rest of it. I rushed to the sink mentally screaming (I couldn’t scream out loud, if not my siblings would know that I have half a packet of Oreos left), gargled a gazzilion times, promised myself to look at what I put into my mouth the next time and vowed to share my cookies with my siblings (a vow which was broken as soon as it was made).

The moral of the story is rat shits don’t taste that bad. LOL!!! Okay, okay, (serious face) make sure you know how to differentiate between a cookie crumb and a rat shit. That’s the best advice I can give you, so apply it not only to cookie crumbs but to other varieties of crumbs too.

Story #2

This happened when I was 15, a year before the terrifying story above. I was still living in KL at that time. One day, my mom baked my favorite chocolate cake, Crazy Cake. This cake is still one of my favorite cakes today and it’s really easy to make. It’s so damn chocolatey and moist and nice and delicious and sweet and … that’s besides the point.

Anyway, I always have a tendency of bringing food in my room. So I brought a piece (or was it 4 pieces?) of cake up to my room. I opened my maths book and savoured the cake bit by bit. After a while, I was stuffing huge chunks of cake into my mouth, resulting in lots of crumbs falling on the table and on the floor. As usual, everytime big crumbs fell, I’d pick it up and ate it right back.

Now, history repeated itself again (more like the future cuz I’m a year younger than the first story…you know what I mean). From the corner of my eye, I saw a big chunk of cake on the floor. I picked it up and chewed it. You know how cakes are supposed to be moist and soft right? Strange, I thought. Why is this piece crunchy and why does it taste bland?

I spat it out and to my utter delight, alright, to my utter disgust, there lay on my hand a disfigured, maniacally chewed up cockroach! If I remembered correctly, its antennas were still wriggling! Woah! Cool man!

Immeadiately, I hurled it to the floor and this time, I didn’t mentally scream. Instead, I let out a long-drawn out cry.  I didn’t run screaming to the toilet though. After 10 seconds of screaming which shook the whole fat neighbourhood, I just sat there looking at the poor cockroach. *sniff*

Moral of the story is that when I was 16, I clearly didn’t learn my lesson when I was 15. My advice to you is that munching on live cockroaches are bad enough, so don’t go eating rat shits. Thank you.


Eh…I tell you something ah. When I was chomping the cockroach, there was no blood wei. Good thing. If I were eating a live hamster or something, than damn it. Actually, the cockroach was quite crunchy. I think if you added some salt and sugar, it’ll taste quite succulent. The exoskeleton of the cockroach can be used to make crackers crunchier ya know. HARHAR…joking la. I despise eating cockroaches in whatever way it’s presented to me. In nerdy terms: I’m pulling your leg!

p.s. I haven’t eaten anything sickening the whole of my 17th year! *so proud*

p.s.s. Please don’t run away from me the next time you see me. Thanks.

I can’t believe my brother even had the nerve to tell my friend that I sleep and eat like a pig all day! Grrr… who’s the one who has to do all the freaking chores huh?

Let me tell you about my day today.

I woke in the morning (duh), folded a mountain of clothes (8 people’s clothing + my siblings clothing from their chess trip), mopped downstairs, did other miscellaneous chores and helped my mother with the baby.

Afterwards, it rained. So I had to push in the clothes. Then it stopped. I pushed out the clothes. Then it freaking rained again! Omigosh … is somebody up there trying to punish me?

Later, my dad took my baby sister out for a walk. The toddler of the house (my second sister) naturally wanted to follow. Okay, so follow la. While I was having breakfast, I heard my second sister’s oh-so-common cries at the back of the house. She was having one of her hysterical tantrum-throwing sessions again.

That session lasted for a good one hour plus. Along with it, was my baby sister’s crying, crying from the children in the back house (those kids there always cry…god knows why), shouts from the kids’ mother and the siren of the ambulance outside. It was chaos!

I couldn’t even give my sister a piece of my mind, least my dad would give me a piece of his mind. At last my mom told off my sister with her all mighty mother powers. A few whimpers and lectures later, everything settled down.

Aaah…the beautiful sound of silence. You’ve got to experience total chaos before appreaciating peace ya’ know.

Now, it’s 1.08 PM and I just received a letter from my aunt in Singapore. Afterwards, I’m going down to make my own lunch. Normally, during the second half of the day, I’d be cooped up with a good book or at the computer if I have something to write about (pc games bore me already). Or snack. Okay, okay. So I do tend to overindulge a lil’ bit. Is that a crime?

Usually, it’s in the morning which is the busiest time of the day. And in some cases, at night, when the whole big family is together.

So the purpose of this post is to refute my brother’s claims of me being a pig at home. Haha…haha… Case closed.


Aww, man… why am I squeezing the clothes 3 times a day?? I’m tired. Bone-tired.



Thanks for the baby wishes friends!


You know one thing that’s cool when your mother just gave birth? Phoncalls day in, day out from well-wishers and receiving lots of “baby gifts” from relatives. Makes us feel important ya’ know. heehee…

Anyway, my aunt and cousin from KL visited us two days ago to give well-wishes to my mum and the new baby. Yay! It was a fun-filled day especially since my mother was discharged from the hospital on that day too.

We had a really good time together. It’s been some time since I saw my aunt and cousin, so I really enjoyed the visit. All of us had a blast.

While the adults discussed incomprehensible topics of the adult world, the younger bunch scooted off upstairs to the “play area”. We attempted splits, handstand, bridges and cartwheels resulting in bangs, thuds and crashes (and also a few cries of agony). The whole floor shook so much that the adults might have thought there was a herd of cows upstairs. There were also a few torn muscles afterwards … kidding.

We then played blinfold, albeit having 4 teenagers in the group, subsequently uprooting pillows and blankets in the boys’ room. I pity my brothers though. Unless they cleaned up their room (which I highly doubt it), they probably slept on beds with dozens of black footprints (we didn’t wash our feet after dinner) and splatters of sweat. LOL…

Then all of us (my brothers especially) did comical impersonations of movie star. We were clowns for the night. We shared sick jokes too. Here’s one hilariously sick chinese joke:

One day, a small boy was bathing with his mother, presumably in a river.

“Mama, na ge shi shen me?” asks the boy.
(Mother, what is that?)

“Na ge shi ping guo,” replies the mother.
(That’s an apple)

The following day, the boy goes bathing with his dad.

“Papa, na ge shi shen me?” the boy asks again.
(Dad, what is that?)

 “Na ge shi chong,” answers the father.
(That’s a worm)

The next night, the small boy couldn’t sleep because he was distracted by certain noises from his parents’ room. So he opened their bedroom door and saw a sight in which he exclaimed, “Papa de chong zai chi mama de ping guo!”(Dad’s worm is eating Mom’s apple!) Get it?? ROTFL!!!

Luckily my 10 year old sister was sleeping by then. I suppose during the sick jokes session, she didn’t understand half the things we were telling. Good thing too. She’s way too young to figure out the metaphors of the jokes.

Anyway, we all had one thing in mind that night. Sleep as late as we could. How did we fare?

12 midnight and we were all burnt out. The moment I hit the bed, I was off like a light. I suppose the Fong blood-line has a built-in “sleep early” chip embedded into our motherbrain. I mean, it was 11.58 pm and I felt like it was already 2 am.

The next day, Sims 2 and racing games dominated the whole morning. (Brunch time actually. We woke up pretty late.) My cousin is seriously obsessed about Sims 2. She wouldn’t budge from the computer until they had to go back to KL which was a few hours later.

Anyway, my grandpa and my other aunt are visiting us next month! Yay! I can’t wait to meet my grandfather. Right now, the whole family is relishing the newcomer. Slurp, smack! Hehehe…


What you should know