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I got straight A’s! Yahoo! Not all A1’s but still, all A’s. I didn’t expect it. Actually I did, cuz I used my almighty manifesting powers to draw the A’s into my results slip. Too bad I didn’t specify all A1’s. Hey, I’m serious. I’ve got latent manifesting powers okay. I pictured the scene of 10A’s in my results slip in my mind for a few months. Before you know it, walah! Ever heard of the law of Attraction?

Best of all, I didn’t need to study my ass off to get straight A’s. Just half-ass. And no tuition! Also, I finally got my first ever A in add maths in the history of my awful, past add maths results.

So here are my results:

Malay Language – A1

English Language – A1

Moral Studies – A2

History – A1

Mathematics – A1

Additional Mathematics – A2 …woot!

Chemistry – A2

Physics – A2

Biology – A2

EST – A1

I know, I know. My science results booboo la. No matter, it’s still an A.

The SPM results this year in ACS Kampar is significantly better than last year’s. There were altogether 8 pelajar cemerlangs. 8 or 9 A’s and above. Not bad for a form of only 4 classes. Excluding me they were:

  1. Tham Weng Lik – This guy’s the top of the top wei. 12 A’s. Continue to be flexible.
  2. Wong Joo Fei – Mr Maths Genuis didn’t even come! What la.
  3. Lam Si Lone – Let’s just hope his height will catch up with his SPM results for the better good of mankind. LOL.
  4. Chang Tak Wai – This one memang dapat punya. No need to think.
  5. Rohan – This guy always act cool one, like yoyoyo-fun-and-girls-first-studies-second. But deep down, total nerd la. HAHA
  6. Lee Suet Mun – Top girl student! Tokoh Pelajar 2009! Wah seh!
  7. Jessica Yip – …uh…another very smart student. Haha…I don’t really know her well enough to comment.

When Sook Ning and I were leaving the hall, we passed by our BM teacher, Cikgu Zaiton, without saying a thing. Then she was like “Eh, tak ucap cikgu ke?” Damn. I felt really bad. Dude, I got an A1 because of her. So we thanked her fervently. I wanted to say something more than thanks but I didn’t know how. What else was there to say?

There were times where I had my private grudges against her but deep down, I’m very thankful to have her as my BM teacher. She taught me very, very well. Too bad I didn’t buy her anything as a token of appreciation.

To celebrate the joyous occasion (ahem), Sook Ning and I hopped on a bus to Ipoh Parade. Primary mission: find a pair of heels that Sook Ning was eyeing ever since I don’t know when.

I think we browsed 80% of all the clothes shops in Parade, as in actually going into the shop and leafing through the clothes and stuff. After shopping (or more like window shopping) till we dropped, we went to a karaoke box. Yay! My very first time! It was fun. The service was real nice and they served tidbits and drinks catered for 4 people. So we had twice the amount to eat and drink! Actually, I ate most of the snacks. Waittaminute, that’s not right. I ate all the snacks. Yup, that’s more like it.

We also sang ourselves hoarse for 2 and a half hours non-stop. Fun leh. I did most of the screaming cause if I didn’t, my voice would be drowned by Sook Ning’s voice. We came back at night (duh, yuh…).

Oh, and Sook Ning never found the type of heels she was looking for. Better luck next time. But other than that, I’m up for another bout of karaoke anytime. Hehehe…


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