Celebrating Me

The Damsel


What I’ll Say

I’m unique.

I want to be a typical girl but i stick out like a sore thorn or a resplendent rose. However you like it. I’m chinese yet my chinese sucks like rotten eggs. Ok, maybe not like rotten eggs, but rotten papayas.

Ok la, i know how to speak abit too la…give myself credit…wtf.

I wouldn’t call myself a banana because it sounds insulting. I’d rather be called a honeydew. So, say “Yes To Honeydews”!


I sometimes think too much for my own good. I sometimes eat too much for my own good. And I often get my “rights” and “lefts” mixed up.

The way i act depends on the people i’m around.

Around my family i’m a screaming psysho nutcase. Around close friends i’m a chatterbox and laughing hyena. Around aquantainces i’m your average girl-next-door, friendly and nice (pffttt). Around super hot guys and crushes i’m a pathetic loser who trips over her words every one nano second.

I don’t like people who act overly dramatic. And i don’t like getting writer’s block. And i don’t like cracking my head for hours on a stoopid maths problem when some other guy plops himself next to me and solves it in like 2 minutes.

I don’t like sibling fights cuz i will stress up which leads to zits which leads me to getting more stressed up which leads me to eating junks which leads me to constipation which leads me to getting fat.

My aspiration is to be rich and famous and lead a life of indulgence. How? I have no idea.


3 Responses to "The Damsel"

miss u so much..
when will u visit to kl??? or to say when will u visit ME???
hahahaha!!wei,i checked ady..
3rd june u back from NS right,
dat time i juz finish my exam..
come to kl ar..
i belanja u~lol

‘Fan Xu’ ur english really good i oso dun un leh. I read wif my hp dictionary, if nt i really dunno u wrote wat. But, its really good for me to learn new words at here. Thx lo….

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